Is Billie Eilish Lesbian or Straight? What is her Sexual Orientation?

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, famously known as Billie Eilish, has achieved enormous fame and success within a few years.

Her first debut single was a super hit song titled ‘Ocean Eyes’ in 2015. The song was relaxing yet melodious and had deep romantic meanings. 

Billie Eilish sexuality explanation.
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That was the first time he caught the attention of thousands of music lovers. Gradually she became more prominent and made her fans more curious about her.

Eventually, Eilish’s supporters began to show more interest in her sexuality since her few songs and her activity were enough to create doubts. 

Today we will check if Billie Eilish is straight or lesbian and look at her dating life. So let’s get down to the business.

Billie Eilish Didn’t Speak About Her Sexuality Directly to Anyone

Before calling Billie Eilish gay, we need to know whether she has come out to anyone or at least shared her sexuality with the media or her closeness. After checking numerous sources, we didn’t find Billie talking about her gender orientation directly. 

The ‘Ocean Eyes’ singer was interviewed many times, and though she talked about having relationships in the past but never called herself straight or gay.

Some of her interviews actually hint to us that she is 100% straight. It’s because, in one interview, she was defending herself when the host asked her about her song “Wish You Were Gay.” 

Billie Eilish’s ‘Wish You Were Gay’ Song and Her Answers to Criticisms 

Billie Eilish is the name of emotion. She has different sexual people supporting her, including the LGBTQ community. When the song was released, it triggered homosexual people to think she, the singer, had insulted the group. 

Is Billie Eilish too Young to Know about her Sexuality?
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However, it turned out she didn’t mean to hurt homosexual people. She used the word ‘gay’ in the way of a joke and nothing serious.

When the interviewer of Pop Buzz asked her whether she insulted gay people in her song, she said, “I wanted to be so clear that it’s so not supposed to be an insult, like I feel like it’s been a little bit misinterpreted. 

I tried so hard not to make it in any way offensive. The whole idea of the song is it’s kind of a joke. It’s kind of like, ``I’m an app, and you don’t love me, and you don’t love me because you don’t love me, and that’s the only reason, and I wish that you loved me because you didn’t love girls.” 

So she wished the guy to be gay who didn’t love her back because he didn’t love him while being straight. It, of course, hurts, so it would be better if the guy didn’t love any girl but Billie Eilish.  

In her interview, she could say that she hasn’t insulted homosexual people because she is like them, instead explained that she is straight, so she loved a straight man who didn’t love her in return. So, this was an indirect way for Billie Eilish to tell the world that she is heterosexual. 

Billie Eilish Had Relationships in Past and Admitted to Keep Them Private

The “Happier Than Ever” singer had terrible experiences in her love life. She thinks all the relationships will end anyway; hence it’s no use in publicizing it. 

She was interviewed by Radio Capital 95-106 FM and said, “I definitely want to keep that private. 

I mean, like, I’ve had relationships and kept them private and even the ones that I’ve had, and like the tiny amount that I let the world see, I regret. 

I think about, like, the people that have made their relationships oh D public, and then they break up, and it’s like, what if it goes back.” 

Billie Eilish had relationships in the past with several famous guys, including Matthew Tyler Boris and rapper Brandon Quintin Adams, for almost a year. Recently she was spotted lip-locking with Jesse Rutherford after having dinner together in Los Angeles. 

But we already know that she will not confirm the relationship as she admitted to keeping her relationship secret. 

Final Words

Billie Eilish has something in her voice that attaches her to all her fans. At the beginning of her music career, it took her a short journey to achieve millions of fans. But having lots of fans is both a positive and negative thing. 

A star is not only praised by its fans but also judged and criticized. Hence Billie Eilish has been criticized as well as judged.

Her sexuality was also questioned several times. Is Billie straight or lesbian? This question is mainly asked because some of her photos make things look as if she is into women. 

But the truth is entirely different. The ‘Bad Guy’ singer is not gay. Because she addressed the rumors that she offended gay people through her ‘Wish You Was Gay’ song. Her answer was enough to give us a clear hint that she is heterosexual. 

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