Are Billy McFarland and Seth MacFarlane Related?

Billy McFarland was one of the most controversial guys in the USA in 2017. He became a hot topic overnight on social media and other platforms after the failure of the Fyre Festival. How is the Fyre Festival guy related to the creator of “The Orville”?

Are Billy McFarland and Seth MacFarlane Related?
Billy McFarland by Web Summit licensed under CC BY 2.0

We often notice people asking if Billy McFarland and Seth MacFarlane are related or not. Well, as you all know, Seth MacFarlane is a big name in the American media industry. He is an actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and singer who gained so much popularity by creating “Family Guy.

How the Rumor Started and Spread:

At present, social media is the most significant influencer. Once Billy McFarland was trending on social media for what he did to thousands of people at the Fyre Festival.

But once again McFarland came back into the limelight when Netflix and Hulu released two documentaries in 2019 under the titles of FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Fyre Fraud by Hulu.

That was where this story began. After watching the documentaries, people found a remarkable resemblance between Billy McFarland and Seth MacFarlane. At the same time, someone asked a question on Reddit that “Billy McFarland (Fyre Festival) resembles Seth MacFarlane” “Does anyone know of any relation?” 

Later on, people’s interest increased and the question started trending on Google. People were searching “billy macfarlane seth mcfarland related.” However, we already assured you that they are not related. In reality, MacFarlane looks a bit like Billy McFarland, and they both have a similar sure name, but they are not related.

How the Rumor Started and Spread that Billy McFarland and Seth MacFarlane are related.
Seth MacFarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But it doesn’t make any sense that Billy McFarland would be related to Seth MacFarlane. Seth’s parents are Ronald Milton MacFarlane and Ann Perry. He has only one younger sister named Rachael MacFarlane. Rachael is a voice actress. 

Billy McFarland’s Parents:

Billy McFarland has very simple American parents. His father and mother both work as real estate developers. His parent’s names are Steven McFarland and Irene McFarland. They were not connected to or interested in Billy’s business.

Billy’s father’s education background was civil engineering, and business administration was his mother’s major. McFarland started earning at the age of 13. Therefore, he wasn’t dependent on his parents. 

Who is Billy McFarland’s Girlfriend? 

When Billy McFarland was popular in the media due to the 2017 Fyre festival issue, people talked about how he cheated people out of millions of dollars. But in 2019, after releasing the Hulu documentary, we learned the name of Billy’s dating partner.

He is dating a beautiful Russian model named Anastasia Eremenko. She is an upcoming model who has done a few projects in the past. Anastasia wrote that she is part of the women empowerment community of NYC on her Instagram account. She has 45.6k followers on Insta.

If you watched Hulu’s documentary, you might notice Eremenko is deeply in love with McFarland. She says, ‘When Billy and I met, it was destiny. It was love. I don’t know how to explain it,” and also added, ‘I never had this kind of connection. But he drew my connection just with my energy.’ She also mentioned that she keeps Billy’s prison letters in a safe place.

How Billy McFarland Became a Fraudster: 

Billy was an entrepreneur since his childhood. When he was 13, he created an online platform where a client can hire web designers. This is where Billy started earning money.

He created Fyre Media, and under Fyre Media, he arranged a luxurious music event named the Fyre Music Festival. But he disappointed 5000 people who participated in that event. McFarland failed to provide minimum facilities to the guests.

As a result, the guests showed all of their anger via social media, which then trended. After that, U.S. federal investigators started an investigation regarding this, and finally, Billy was arrested on June 30, 2017. Lastly, he has to spend six years in prison and pay $26 million in restitution.

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