Is Britney Spears Married? How Many Times Was Britney Married?

In assessing the ideal person of our favorite celebrity, we usually look at their other half. And if you’re someone who loves Britney Spears, you may be wondering about her marital status. Is Britney Spears married? If she is, how many times did she get married?

Here’s the thing, my friends: Currently, Britney Spears is engaged with Sam Asghari. But do you know that she has been married before? 

How many times was Britney Spears Married? Is she married now?
Britney Spears by Kristopher Harris licensed under CC BY 2.0

In this post, we will talk about how many times Britney was married. Essentially, this post will highlight the details of the pop princess’s weddings, Britney Spears husbands, and relationships. We know you have been dying to learn more about this. So without further ado, let us get started!

How Many Times Were Britney Spears Married?

Let me introduce you to Britney Spears husband. In 2004, the American pop singer walked down the aisle to tie knots with Jason Alexander, her childhood friend.

After a few months, the marriage ended up in a divorce, and she married Kevin Federline in the same year. The marriage lasted for three years, but they got divorced as well.

So if you ask the question: is Britney Spears married? Currently, the answer is no. But then, she is engaged with Sam Asghari. Well, anyway, you already know that she has been married twice before.

Who Is Jason Alexander?

On the 3rd day of January 2004, Jason Alexander became Britney’s husband. The marriage of the two is a whirlwind event that has shocked everyone. It was New Year’s week when the two tied the knot at Sin City – the place where the pop star used to party.

The wedding is in the middle of the night. It is a quick, drunken marriage in a green limo. They get married just for the sake of doing it. Many find it as something crazy and wild.

They were not wearing the wedding attire, but everything was romantic. The two sure did love each other, which is why many thought that the marriage would last forever. However, after 55 hours, the icon annulled their union.

Who Is Kevin Federline?

A few months after her annulment with Alexander, the pop star walked down the aisle again. On the 19th day of September 2004, Britney Spears married Kevin Federline, whom she also met at the dance floor of Hollywood club. The engagement of the two was announced last July 2004.

The idea of marriage was first popped by the pop princess. She is the one who asked him to marry her, but Kevin declined and said it was not the right way of doing it. After a week, Kevin slipped an engagement ring into her finger.

The wedding was top-secret. Their family and closest friends were surprised by the wedding held at their Studio home. The guests thought that they were only attending the couple’s engagement party.

After having a reality show and two kids

, the couple called it quits after three years. In 2016, Britney Spears claimed that she was done with the men thing and will never get married ever again.

It’s A Wrap!

So, is Britney Spears married? Finally, you know that Britney Spears has been married two times before. One only lasted for 55 hours and the other one for three years.

Her second marriage has given her two sons, Sean and Jayden. That’s it, folks! Stay updated by reading all our posts.

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