Is Bruno Mars Married? Who is Bruno Mars' Wife?

Bruno Mars is a well-known name in the world of the most influential music artists. Fewer to none have not heard at least one song of this prominent Hawaiian-American music artist.

In the seventeen years of his career, he has been nominated for a Grammy Award for 16 times and won the award 11 times.

Who is Bruno Mars' Wife? Is he married?
Bruno Mars by slgc licensed under CC BY 2.0

From hip-hop to reggae, rock, pop, funk, and soul, Bruno Mars has explored a wide range of music in his career. Since he is a public figure and a popular celebrity, questions surrounding his marital life are not anything unusual.

If you have no idea about the artist’s marital life, you are in the right place now. Let us get to know more about his marital life (if it exists) here. 

Is Bruno Mars Married?

No, Bruno Mars is not married yet! The 36 years old music artist has been dating Jessica Caban, an actress, model, and entrepreneur, for the past decade now! They are one of the celebrity power couples, although they are very private about their dating life.

Their love blossomed when the duo met and started dating; they were already in their late 20’s. They claim their love as ‘love at first sight.’ The 11 times Grammy winner met Caban at a restaurant, Co-OP, in New York in 2011.

As soon as they locked eyes on each other, they also locked their hearts on each other. Since Jessica is from Harlem, New York, and Bruno from Los Angeles, the first year of their relationship was long-distance. After a year, Jessica moved to LA with Bruno and now shares a home named Geronimo. 

As we have mentioned before, the couple is very private about their relationship; they rarely post pictures with each other. Moreover, after all these years, they are not heard to be engaged and let alone getting married. They don’t share children too. 

Who is Jessica Caban? 

Jessica Caban has her own identity despite being the long-term girlfriend of her iconic music artist boyfriend. She is a strong and independent woman herself as she is an American model, entrepreneur, and actress.

Ms. Caban first came into the limelight after being featured in Jennifer Lopez’s clothing line as a model. She also has her own successful business of swimsuits that was launched in 2016 named ‘J. Marie Swimwear,’ where Marie is her middle name.

The New York-born actress, model, and businesswoman has done some spectacular movies in the past, one of which is the award-winning “Are You Great for Sex?” The 38 years old won the best actress award in 2010’s the Hoboken International Film Fest. Caban is active on Instagram with nearly three lacs followers and over six hundred posts.   

Final Thought

So, now you know that Bruno Mars

is not married yet, but is in a long-term relationship with Jessica. Surely, their bond is unbreakable, but we wonder what keeps them waiting to get married and start a family. Maybe, they are waiting for the angelic timing when everything will fall into place on its own? 

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