Is Bruno Mars Gay? What’s his Sexual Orientation?

Peter Gene Hernandez is the actual name of Bruno Mars, who put himself in the headlines with several global hit songs.

Mars’s followers are always eager to know facts that the singer prefers to keep private. Some data are hard to find, while others are simply understandable. 

Is Bruno Mars Gay? What's his sexuality?
Bruno Mars by Chrizta T. licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bruno Mars hides his sexuality by not speaking about it publicly. However, it’s still easy to understand whether Bruno Mars is gay or straight.

If you have known him well for a decade, you know at least a little about his relationship with Jessica Caban. Can his relationship direct us to the desired answers? Let’s see.

Bruno Mars’s Twitter Post Sparked Gay Rumors About Him

In 2012 Bruno Mars was considered gay by so many people for two big reasons. In early 2012, he first sparked gay rumors for appearing in CNN’s headline. Their report had ‘come out’ beside Mars’s name, which misled many of his followers. 

Bruno couldn’t take the rumors anymore and later requested CNN to remove the report in order to stop people from thinking he was homosexual.

He was lucky enough to shut down gay gossip for a brief time until 21st November 2012. He posted something unexpected on his official Twitter. 

He wrote, “@bobbyr4ybands Hahaha I don’t know what to tell you… Tell them I haven’t been gay in years.”

This one post was enough to create a storm online. Since then, people’s confusion regarding his sexuality continues to this day. 

The “Talking to the Moon” singer didn’t label his gender orientation. Still, it’s not hard to discover his sexual orientation. Let’s look at his sexual interests because that will give us the desired answer. 

Bruno Mars has been in a Serious Relationship With The Female Model Jessica Caban Since 2011

After knowing Bruno Mars’s serious love life with his present girlfriend, Jessica Caban, it would be funny even to think of him as gay. Their journey of love began in 2011. Generally, singers don’t fall for girls as Mars did for his woman. 

Bruno Mars has been in a Serious Relationship With The Female Model Jessica Caban Since 2011
Bruno Mars by Brothers Le licensed under CC BY 2.0

He found her in a restaurant, and just glancing at her; he couldn’t help but approach her. The duo became great friends, which took too short of turning into a relationship. Caban is the reason for his being more focused while creating romantic lyrics. 

Mars revealed that the lyrics of his song “When I Was Your Man” was inspired by her girlfriend because it was a hard time for both. He thought he was about to lose his love of life, and that fear helped him to write that song. It is one of the most hit songs. 

Jessica Caban posted pictures with Bruno on her Instagram.

However, Bruno likes to keep her away from the limelight. Several fans are hoping that their love turns into marriage soon.

But the duo seems to not think of getting married sooner or later. Although it’s known that the two are dating, they keep their privacy well. 

Mars and Caban also have no children. But they have been living together since 2012. In 2011 they were in a long-distance relationship. None of the couples shared their plan of having a child or getting married. 

Final Words 

Peter Gene Hernandez, aka Bruno Mars, first sparked homosexual rumors in 2012. It was a tough time for the singer because he didn’t do anything that would make his fans think him gay. CNN’s one mistake put him in trouble, but he got away with all that soon enough. 

But in the same year, in November, he again was doubted as gay for his Twitter post, which made it seem like he is homosexual but is trying to hide it from society. That Twitter post still exists, and “The Lazy Song” singer hasn’t addressed it. 

Luckily he has a girlfriend he has been dating since 2011, clearing up all doubts. They are a lovely couple and are in an open relationship. This lets us and his mature fans understand Bruno is actually a straight man.

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