Is BTS Jin Married? Who’s BTS Jin Married To?

Jin from BTS is the man of many girls’ dreams. He’s tall, talented, funny, and extremely good-looking. Besides, he’s called “Worldwide Handsome” for a reason!

Is BTS Jin Married? Let's see his marital status.
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And as he inches closer to his 30th birthday, many people are now wondering whether or not Jin is ready to settle down and have a family. Or better yet, is he already married to someone without us knowing?

If you’re one of those people, question no more as here’s everything you need to know about Jin’s marital status!

Is Jin Single or in a Relationship?

Despite all the dating rumors being thrown in Jin’s direction, the idol seems to be single at the moment. In fact, he hasn’t dated anyone publicly since the start of his career as a member of BTS.

And if you’re wondering if it’s possible that Jin may be seeing someone behind closed doors, the idol himself maintained that he is focusing on his career and isn’t interested in getting involved in any romantic relationships any time soon.

Aside from that, their entertainment agency may have also prohibited him and other members from getting into relationships.

Is Jin Single or in a Relationship? Is he dating anyone?
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This is because the KPOP industry often suffers devastating consequences such as intense backlash to the mass withdrawal of investors once a celebrity is found to be dating someone. 

So, in other words, Jin is not married yet as he isn’t dating anyone in the first place.

Dating Rumors of BTS Jin

In the KPOP industry, no one is safe from dating rumors – especially if you’re someone as famous and handsome as Jin. He’s been linked to numerous girls throughout his career.

However, he has never publicly confirmed nor denied any of these rumors, which leaves us the freedom to speculate whether or not any of these girls has dated (or is dating) the oldest member of BTS. Below is a brief summary of all the dating rumors involving Jin:

  • Lee Guk Joo – Relationship rumors sparked between comedian Lee Guk Joo and Jin after another comedian joked that she was dating a “handsome idol trainee” during a show. While she never mentioned any name, fans believed she was referring to Jin as the two were close at the time. Moreover, Jin’s actions made things even worse. First, he thanked Lee in the first 3 BTS album notes, and then he admitted that she liked girls with chubby cheeks. This made fans even more convinced that there was something romantic going on between the two. Eventually, Lee confessed that she was never in a relationship with Jin and that he was only a close friend.
  • Solbin from LABOUM
    – It all started when Jin and Solbin co-hosted the KBS World’s Music Bank show. According to fans, they had very good chemistry together. Aside from that, Jin also appeared during Solbin’s live stream in VLIVE. She, however, shut down dating rumors between her and Jin by saying that she looked up to him as a senior and nothing else.
  • Jisoo from Blackpink – This one isn’t as strong of a case as the other two, since the only reason why Jisoo and Jin were linked to each other was because of the fact that they are both the oldest members of their group and therefore were compatible to each other. Still, some fans think that the two idols are definitely dating. 

Who's Jisoo from Blackpink? Was she dating Jin From BTS?
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What is BTS Jin’s Ideal Girlfriend Like?

According to sources, here’s every quality that a woman must have to fit Jin’s type:

  • Has a cute puppy face
  • Good cooking skills
  • Funny and friendly
  • Shorter than him
  • Classy and mature

So, do you think you have what it takes to be Jin’s girlfriend? What would you do if Jin asked you out on a date? Let us know by writing a comment below!

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