Is Cameron Diaz Spanish? Let's Learn About Her Ethnicity

The name Cameron Diaz is widely renowned in show business. She is a model, producer, author, entrepreneur, and actress. Some of her most significant roles include Charlie’s Angels, The Counselor, Vanilla Sky, The Last Supper, The Mask, and many other films. 

Right now, she has retired from modeling, acting, and producing films. She is also a retired activist and author.

What's Cameron Diaz's nationality? Is she Spanish?
Cameron Diaz by David Shankbone  licensed under CC BY 3.0

But throughout her entire career, the actress has appeared in many dramas and comedies. With a “Diaz” on her name, people would naturally wonder: Is Cameron Diaz Spanish?

To find the answer to that question, let’s learn about her ethnicity below. Ensure to read until the end. This will be brief, so stay right there. 

Is Cameron Diaz Spanish?

The father of the Hollywood star is Emilio Diaz. He is half Cuban and half American. Given that her father’s family is Cuban, it means that she has Spanish roots. That is because her ancestors were originally from Spain and moved to Cuba. 

Her Cuban Heritage

Although both the place of birth of the movie star and her parents is in the US, their ancestors come from across the world. Their predecessors moved to Cuba, as mentioned earlier. Then, later on, their family migrated to Florida way before her dad was born. 

Nonetheless, the actress was raised in Cuban heritage. This includes her language, food, and culture. However, the Hollywood star cannot speak Spanish fluently.

Is Cameron Diaz Cuban? Let's know about her nationality.
Cameron Diaz By David Shankbone  licensed under CC BY 3.0

She may not talk about her being Spanish too often, but you’ll hear the sense of pride she has for her Cuban upbringing and culture when she does. 

More On Cameron Diaz Ethnicity

Other than her Spanish roots, the actress is also partially German, Italian, and Native American through her mother’s side. She is also one-eighth Spanish-Venezuelan on her father’s side. 

Her paternal grandfather, Emilio Cadiz Diaz Jr., was born in Florida. Her grandfather’s father was from Havana and chose to migrate to Cuba. Her great-grandmother was also an emigrant from Cuba. She was also of Spanish roots and was an emigrant from Venezuela. 

Her paternal grandmother, Gertrudes Lavin, was also born in Florida. She was also born in Florida. Her father was born to a Spanish father and a Cuban mother. The same is true with Gertrude’s mother. The place of birth of both her parents is in Cuba. 

What's Cameron Diaz's Ethnicity? Is she Spanish or Cuban?
Cameron Diaz by Ian licensed under CC BY 2.0

Now on her mother’s side, the maternal grandfather of the actress, William Marion Early, was born in Missouri. Her maternal grandmother is Elizabeth Jeanette.

The place of birth of her maternal grandmother is in California. Her father, Joseph Herbert Waddingham, was from Ontario, Canada. The parents of her father are from England and Ireland. 

The great-grandmother of the Hollywood star, Elizabeth, is the daughter of Nancy Scott from Missouri and Richard James Withers, who is English. This is why the singer has Native American roots. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Cameron Diaz Spanish? You already know that the famous Hollywood star is partially Spanish through her father’s side.

Besides her Spanish roots, she also comes from different ancestry races, including, Native American, Cuban, German, Italian, and Cuban-Venezuelan. She is a mixture of other ethnicities from across the world. 

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