Is Chanyeol Gay? What's the EXO Star's Sexuality

Chanyeol’s rapping is so energetic that he became the main rapper in EXO. He can put energy into any song. His talent accumulated over 23.9 million supporters on social media.

He shares many things on social media platforms but never shares anything related to his love interests. 

Is Chanyeol Gay? What's his sexual orientation?
Chanyeol and Sehun by Republic of Korea licensed under CC BY 2.0

So, the question “is Chanyeol gay?” has no valid answer for his followers. In this article, you will know Chanyeol’s actual sexuality from checking every verified fact and strong assumption. So here we go. 

Is Chanyeol Gay? 

Chanyeol is the main rapper of the Korean-Chinese music band EXO. He is also a visual and vocalist. The singer has kept himself quiet about his gender orientation. Also, no popular news was established where Chanyeol provided information about his sexual label. 

Many may have asked SM Entertainment about his sexuality but the agency didn’t share any information. Hence, we need to depend on speculation and assumption to understand whether the visual and vocalist of the band is gay or not. 

Until now, the speculation results say Chanyeol’s sexuality is straight because Chanyeol has no boyfriend even while working with a boy band. 

How Chanyeol Gay Rumors Sparked? 

While Chanyeol is not homosexual, he was thought t and called gay. The singer did something unexpected in a show where he was captured calling Minseok. After, Minseok came by his side and sat. Chanyeol slowly went forward to Minseok as if they were about to kiss. 

How Chanyeol Gay Rumors Sparked? Let's know the truth.
Chanyeol by ggbye1127 licensed under CC BY 4.0

In the meantime, Kai entered the stage and excited the crowd. So except for kissing Minseok, Chanyeol rested his head on Minseok’s shoulder. That one incident was enough to spark all the unwanted gay rumors about him. 

Various Twitter followers posted their opinion on how Chan behaved that day. A Twitter user named AYA said, “Chanyeol tried to be the confidence gay, but he became the panicked gay so fast in front of minseok looool.” 

On the other hand, some people called Minseok the confident gay. EXO members took a close photo of the two and shared it widely online. 

Final Words

Chanyeol from EXO is a name of controversy. There are controversies about his name, but the most exciting one is his closeness with Minseok. 

It seems on a show that they liked one another as gay people do, but later both the singers were no longer seen publicly. So the rumors faded slowly. Now, it’s super easy to assume that Chanyeol is heterosexual. 

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