Is Charli XCX Gay Or Trans? What's Charli's Sexuality?

One of the most successful young artists of today is Charli CXX. She is an English singer, music video director, songwriter, and record producer.

As a director and lyricist, the musician has collaborated with many renowned artists such as Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendez, Blondie, Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, and more.

Charli XCX's sexuality explained. Is she gay or straight?
Charli XCX by Erin McCormack licensed under CC BY 2.0

The pop lyricist is recognized around the world for her music. With fame, there also comes public scrutiny. One thing that people often find intriguing is the sexuality of the music artist. We have read many people asking: Is Charli XCX gay or trans.

Since you ended up in this post, we can assume that you are interested in this topic as well. Read below, and you will find out what’s Charli’s sexuality.

Is Charlie XCX Gay or Trans?

We have checked various sources, and there is no information with regards to the sexuality of the singer. She is not listed as gay or trans. Keep reading, and you will find out her sexuality.

What’s Charli’s Sexuality?

Many people think that the international music pop star is not straight due to her Wish You Were Gay song. But we have to note that the singer has not explicitly said anything about her sexuality. So we can assume she is a straight woman until she says otherwise.

What's Charli's Sexual orientation?
Charli XCX by Anna Hanks licensed under CC BY 2.0

Plus, the singer is having a long-term relationship with a man named Huck Wong. They have been together for more than seven years. They had almost ended their relationship twice. But their romance strengthened emotionally and physically when they lived together during the lockdown.

Before Huck, the singer dated the filmmaker Ryan Andrews. He directed some of the artist’s music videos at the start of her music career. Besides these two men, the singer has not been involved in any other romantic relationship, particularly with another gender.

We are trying to say that the singer has only dated men, making her straight. There are no rumors about her having a relationship with women. Plus, she is born female, so she can’t be transgender.

Why Do People Think She Is Not Straight?

Perhaps, this is because of her music. The pop singer has given her gay fans various hit songs, screaming for their rights. Other than that, the singer has also cultivated a unique relationship with them.

For instance, the singer signing a douche of a fan or a bottle of poppers are some of the iconic ways she has done to shout for gay rights.

Why Do People Think Charli XCX Is Not Straight? Let's know the truth.
Charli XCX by tramlinesofficial licensed under CC BY 2.0

The pop singer has always been a pillar of the LGBTQ community. She has a huge fanbase, and many of it are queer people. Why is that so? Perhaps, the fans have seen how she has supported the LGBTQ community ever since then.

For instance, she constantly collaborated with queer artists. The singer has also performed many charitable actions for her queer fans.

Also, in her studio albums, she uplifts queer artists regularly. Those are more than enough reasons for her to receive so much love from the community.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Charli XCX gay or trans? She is neither. The artist is straight and supports the LGTBQ community, which is why she has earned a lot of gay, trans, and queer fanbases.

But this also leads to some questioning her sexual identity. Nonetheless, it doesn’t bother her as she continues making music shouting for their rights. You may also want to read this article: Did Lebron James Transplant His Hair? Here’s the Truth!

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