Is Charlie Plummer Related to Christopher Plummer? 

Charlie Plummer and Christopher Plummer are two well-known actors. Both are globally famous.

Although Christopher is from Canada and Charlie is from America, are they related by any chance? We often hear this question, ” are Charlie Plummer and Christopher Plummer related?” 

Is Charlie Plummer Related to Christopher Plummer? 
Charlie Plummer by Laura Bünd licensed under CC BY 3.0

No, Charlie Plummer and Christopher Plummer are not related. They have a large age gap, and also their family backgrounds are not the same. So how did we come to know that these two celebrities are not related? Here’s the explanation of how we got to know the answer. 

Charlie Plummer and Christopher Plummer share the same surname. Both are Plummer. This is why many people think they are related.

Some believe they may be siblings. To find out their relationship we need to take a look at both the actors’ personal lives.

Charlie Plummer Details 

Charlie Plummer saw the light in 1999. His birthplace is New York City, United States. He studied in seven different schools due to his parents often shifted. Wherever they shifted, Charlie joined theaters of every place they used to live in and thus discovered his cravings for acting. 

Charlie Plummer was only 11 years old when he got his life’s first agent. His first movie was “Frank of 2010.” He gained worldwide fame by acting in “Boardwalk Empire.” 

Charlie Plummer Parents

Charlie Plummer’s parents had a love marriage. His father John Christian Plummer is famous for his filmmaking business. Her mother Maia Guest is also an actress and singer.

She loves playing piano. They are still living as a happy couple and gave birth to two children, Charlie and his little brother James. 

Charlie Plummer Siblings

Plummer has only one younger sibling. He has a little brother named James. He was born in 2005. He is presently studying in a school. 

Christopher Plummer Details

Christopher Plummer was welcomed by his family on 13th December 1929. He is a Canadian by birth. He was a popular actor and for several decades he worked for various films and television shows. The actor died on 5th February 2021. 

Christopher Plummer's family background Details.
Christopher Plummer by gdcgraphics licensed under CC BY 2.0

He married three times in his life. His first wife was Tammy Grimes who he was married to for four years and got divorced in 1960. He then married Patricia Lewis in 1962. Their marriage also couldn’t last longer than 5 years and the couple ended everything in 1967. 

Christopher’s last wife was the famous leading lady, named Elaine Taylor. They married in 1970 and never got divorced.

Plummer has a daughter, Amanda Plummer who is also a Canadian and American actress. Amanda Plummer’s mother is Christopher’s first wife Tammy Grimes. 

Christopher Plummer Parents

Christopher was the child of flight lieutenant of R.C.A.F Ottawa, John Orme Plummer, and artist Marry Abbott. 

Christopher Plummer Siblings

The actor in “All the Money in the World” had no siblings. He is the only child of his parents. 

Looking at both actors’ lives it is clear that they are not related. When Charlie Plummer was born, Christopher Plummer was already 60 years old. 

Charlie has a younger brother who was welcomed to the world in 2005 while Christopher Plummer is the only child. Also, their parents are not from the same as well as their background. 

Christopher is a Canadian and Charlie is an American. So, Charlie Plummer is not related to Christopher Plummer. 

Final Words 

Both Christopher Plummer and Charlie Plummer are outstanding actors. Since they have a similar last name, it sparked confusion regarding their relationship. Many think Christopher Plummer and Charlie Plummer are related. 

However, they are not. Christopher Plummer and Charlie Plummer are from different families, they have a huge age gap and were born in different countries. They are not related to one another by any chance.

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