Is Charlie Puth Gay? What is His Sexual Orientation?

The ‘Attention’ singer Charlie Puth has actually grabbed his fans’ attention by keeping his sexuality hidden.

He sometimes even shared his personal information that told us about his love life well, but when it came to sexuality, Puth liked to stay quiet. 

What's Charlie Puth sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Charlie Puth by Jeff Terrell licensed under CC BY 2.0

So does it mean there’s no way for us to know Charlie Puth’s sexual orientation? Of course, there are clues through which we will learn his gender label today.

We will also discuss how gay rumors about Charlie Puth were created and his sexual interests. So, without further ado, let’s get started.  

Charlie Puth Is Being Considered Gay For Not Sharing His Sexuality and Releasing a BL Song 

There are many singers out there who intentionally or unintentionally sang gay songs. Charlie Puth has intentionally sung a BL song which put him in controversy. The ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ singer’s sexuality was always confusing to people since he always kept quiet about it. 

But after the release of the ‘Left and Right,’ things became more intense. The handsome singer collaborated with another handsome hunk of BTS, Jungkook, in that song which became a super hit.

Sadly, the record not only brought them praise but also criticism. At first, both the singers kept it a secret that it was a BL song. 

Is Charlie                                                                                    Puth gay? Let's know about his sexuality.
Charlie Puth by LG?? licensed under CC BY 2.0

Later, when Puth discovered that people already understood that Left and Right is a BL song, he admitted the fact. He had to accept because the song has created gay rumors about him and Jungkook, suggesting they are a couple in real life. However, he later denied it and addressed Jungkook as one of his friends in an interview. 

In the same interview, he praised Jungkook and admitted that he was surprised to see how attractive Jungkook is. Charlie Puth said, “Jungkook is a very attractive human. Really, I was like, wow! I was like, hey now!” This also misled many of his fans and made them think he might love Jungkook as gay men do. 

So Charlie wisely refused to accept the rumor by calling Jungkook and other BTS singers his friends. Charlie Puth also said, “We’re all friends now. We all get along very, very well.”

As the singer of “Attention” addressed Jungkook of BTS as his friend, there should be no room left to think they are dating or having a gay Relationship. 

Charlie Puth Was Romantically Involved With Female Celebrities Only

Although the global crush, Charlie Puth hasn’t confirmed all his affairs, it was super simple to understand who he picked as his girlfriend in the past. Yes, we mentioned the word ‘past’ because he is no longer in a relationship. Charlie is currently single. 

His most highlighted affair was with Selena Gomez. Although none of the celebrities confirmed that they were dating when they were a couple, Charlie later admitted to having a short-term relationship with Selena Gomez. 

The singer said in the 28th interview for Billboard, “I don’t kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can come across is as real as if there’s something else going on behind the scenes. That’s what was happening with Selena. Very short-lived, very small, but very impactful.” 

He also had to delete his song ‘Suffer’ for having intimate moments with his rumored ex Madison Grace. Although there was no confirmation from any of the stars, their chemistry told us all. The ‘Dangerously’ singer also sparked relationship rumors with Meghan Trainor. 

Why people think Charlie Puth is gay?
Charlie Puth by LG?? licensed under CC BY 2.0

The two singers collaborated on the Marvin Gaye song and kissed one another in the music video and on stage while performing. But later, Charlie Puth said Meghan had been his friend for a long time, and they laugh at why they kissed back then. They don’t know the reason, but I guess we do. 

He had romantic relationships with many female stars and no male celebrity, which directs us to the answer to the question, “is Charlie Puth gay?” Well, it seems he certainly isn’t. 

Final Words

In the music industry, every artist needs to appreciate other artists. Charlie Puth exactly did this when he praised BTS’s Jungkook. The two have brotherly love and are close friends, and they spend many enjoyable moments together. 

This is something that no one should take as gay love. Besides, Charlie has been romantically linked with female celebrities only as per trusted sources. So it’s unfair to think of him as homosexual without his verification.

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