Is Chris Evans Gay? All You Need To Know About Chris’ Sexuality

Despite recent romance rumors involving Chris Evans and Selena Gomez, neither actor has acknowledged anything. Many fans are asking who the Captain America star is now seeing. Evans, on the other hand, appears to be content with his single status. 

But now the most rumored query is, Is Chris Evans Gay? If he is, then why he hasn’t been accepted yet? What is the secret behind Selena and his relationship?

Everything You Need To Know About Chris’ Sexuality. Is he gay?
Chris Evans by Pat Loika licensed under CC BY 2.0

These are the most hyped rumors, right? In this article, we’d talk about all these topics and let you know differently related and relevant questions of yours.

What are Evan’s thoughts on relationships?

Chris Evans recently spoke up about his dating life in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Evans seemed to prefer being a lone wolf, stating, “I’m the one who fears being engulfed.” “I was always a fairly autonomous man my whole life,” Evans continued. One of my favorite things to do is go camping by myself.” Is this an indication that Chris Evans is gay?

“I really like to be with someone that has their own thing to do as well, you know?” Evans says later in the conversation. When I’m with someone who basically adopts my life, it might seem a little smothering.”

Fans of Marvel are questioning if Chris Evans is gay. Let’s take a look at his reported relationships to see if anything comes to light.

Chris Evans’s early years

Chris Evans and actress Kate Bosworth reportedly had a brief relationship around 2000. On the set of The Newcomers, the two met.

Their relationship didn’t last long, as Chris began dating actress Jessica Biel the next year. Evans and Biel also had on-screen chemistry as couples in the films Cellular and London.

Chris Evans and Jessica Biel’s romance lasted a long period before they divorced in 2006. Biel later married pop star, Justin Timberlake.

During his time in the Fantastic Four sequel, Evans allegedly began a relationship with eventual Shameless star Emmy Rossum.

Chris Evans's early years activities.
Chris Evans by BrokenSphere derivative work: Minerva97 licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Rossum and Evans were spotted spit-fighting at Teddy’s, a Hollywood pub, in March 2007. Emmy Rossum’s representative eventually issued a statement claiming that Chris and her relationship was purely platonic.

Captain America’s years

Chris Evans dated Dianna Agron briefly in 2011. They met at a pre-Oscars party after Agron ended her relationship with actor Alex Pettyfer.

Evans was then seen with Twilight actor Ashley Greene at Trousdale in Hollywood. Chris, on the other hand, made a name for himself when he was photographed with actress Sandra Bullock in 2012.

Chris Evans reportedly had a childhood love for Sandra Bullock.

When they came close at a Vanity Fair party, it had to have seemed like a dream come true. Evans dined out numerous times with Bullock and her pals Chelsea Handler and Melissa McCarthy.

The next year, Chris Evans and Lily Collins appeared to get along at an Oscars afterparty. Evans and Collins didn’t seem to survive long despite being seen on a dinner date.

Chris Evans’s Romance in recent years

In 2016, Jenny Slate met Chris Evans on the set of the film Gifted. They started dating a short time later, however, they took a break in 2017. They reconciled but officially ended their relationship in early 2018.

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans's Romance in recent years.
Jenny Slate by Mingle Media TV licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Many speculated that Chris Evans would be dating actress Lily James in the summer of 2020. In London, the two were spotted having ice cream in a park, but nothing was confirmed.

There have only been speculations about Chris dating Selena Gomez since then. Is there any truth to the accusations that Chris Evans is gay?

In 2012, Chris Evans defended same-sex marriage. “It’s absurd that people’s civil rights are being denied in this day and age,” Evans is quoted as saying. It’s both embarrassing and heartbreaking. It goes without saying that I am entirely in favor of gay marriage.”


Chris Evans has always been that handsome, red-haired guy who loved rumors. But when people asked him about sexuality, above are the answers he gave!

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