Is Christina Aguilera Latina? What's Aguilera's Ethnicity?

You must know Christina Aguilera as a singer. But she is also a songwriter and an actress. This makes her very famous with followers and supporters across the world.

The artist has also performed in various television projects and shows. On top of that, her musical career is very successful. She released numerous albums and single tracks. 

Is Christina Aguilera Latina? What's her nationality?
Christina Aguilera by D.S.B licensed under CC BY 2.0

Expectedly, she is present in many interviews, too. But when asked about her ethnic background, the American singer would usually raise her eyebrows. So many have been asking: is Christina Aguilera Latina? 

Well, the pop star is multi-racial. Her family comes of various descent. We will elaborate on this below. Scroll down and get to know what’s Aguilera’s ethnicity!

Christina Aguilera’s Nationality

The pop princess, actress, television personality, and songwriter is American. She was born in the US and raised there, specifically in New York City. There is no question about her nationality. Christina Aguilera is an American. 

Is Christina Aguilera Latina? What’s Aguilera’s Ethnicity?

The father of the singer is an Ecuadorian. This includes Spanish and Galician. He also has roots in remote indigenous Quechua and Swedish. On the other hand, her mother is mostly English with small amounts of Dutch, Welsh, French, Northern Irish, German, and Irish ancestry. 

Both the father and mother of Christina have brown-colored hair. But she is born with blonde hair. This can be attributed to her Latina side.

The deceased brother of her father named Walter is said to have blonde hair with blue-colored eyes. He was a hundred percent Latino. This is something uncommon, but people seem to make a big deal out of it. 

The paternal grandfather of the singer was born in Pichincha, Ecuador, while her paternal grandmother was born in Sweden.

On the other hand, the maternal grandfather of Christina Aguilera was born and raised in West Virginia. In contrast, her maternal grandmother was born and raised in Pennsylvania. 

What Kind Of Latina Is Christina Aguilera?

In 2012, the famous singer openly addressed the people, implying that she is not Latina enough. She dealt with such kind of criticism throughout her life. That is simply because she cannot speak the Latin language fluently and is half Ecuadorean and half Irish.

But this is not a valid reason to criticize the artist. She should not be proving her ethnicity to anyone. No one should be telling her that she is not being proud of being a Latina.

Her first album was in Spanish. She plans to make another Spanish album even if she is not using the language because people have been telling her to, but it shouldn’t be this way.

There has been a notion of Latinas who are not speaking the Spanish language fluently throughout the years. The same is true for those who do not look like the typical Latins. This somewhat encourages other Latin to criticize them unfairly for not being Latina enough.

The criticism almost always points to those personalities in the spotlight, such as the celebrities that are not fitting into the usual mold of Latinas. Yes, they do not look like true Latinas, but it is hurtful for them to be criticized only for this reason. Most often than not, it can lead to an identity crisis.

Many Hollywood artists belonging to the next generation of a Latin family, including Christina Aguilera, have experienced being ridiculed for not speaking about their culture more or even for not speaking the language or not being fluent in it.

It’s A Wrap!

Going back to the question: is Christina Aguilera Latina? Yes, she has her Latina roots. But her inability to speak the language fluently is not enough reason to criticize her. She can choose whatever way to represent her culture.

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