Is Christina Aguilera Married? Who Is Christina Aguilera Married To?

The first appearance of Christina Aguilera was in 1993 on The Micky Mouse Club. Since then, she has become the icon of pop culture.

That has paved the way for the many professional roles that she has to fill, including being a television producer, television personality, actress, songwriter, and singer. 

Who's Christina Aguilera husband? Is she married?
Christina Aguilera by D.S.B licensed under CC BY 2.0

Not just that, she is also a mother and an ambassador of various charities. With all the roles she played, we may have the same question: does the Grammy winner get the time to play the role of a wife? In this post, you will know who is Christina Aguilera married to.

But wait, is Christina Aguilera married? If so, let’s also feed your curiosity! We’ll know all about Christina Aguilera husband. Find out by reading the entire post!

Who’s Christina Aguilera Married To?

So, who is Christina Aguilera married to? Here’s an overview:

Jordan Bratman has been Christina Aguilera boyfriend from 2002 up to 2010. Things have been fast between the two. First, they start dating, and then they get married.

Unfortunately, they eventually filed for a divorce. But according to the singer, they keep the communication even after the divorce. They are trying to be civil with each other as much as possible. And this is for the sake of Max Liron, their son. 

Now you know who’s Christina Aguilera husband was before. So let’s delve deeper and understand what happened between them. 

What Happened Between Christina Aguilera And Her Husband?

Christina Aguilera was only 21 years of age when they started dating, and they became close quickly. During her hard times, Bratman has become her anchor. After three (3) years of being together, they decided to live in California. The ceremony has cost them $2 million. 

After another three (3) years, a baby boy was born. The baby has added bliss to their home. However, they chose to separate in 2010 due to irreconcilable differences.

According to the singer, things have become unhappy and unhealthy for both of them, so they have to end it. She filed the divorce because she did not want her son to suffer from their unhappy marriage. 

The Relationship Of Christina Aguilera With Her Husband

Last year, Christina Aguilera posted a photo on her Instagram account to celebrate her son’s birthday. In the picture, the three of them (Christina, Jordan, and Max) are gathered around the birthday cake, smiling.

The photo caption states that making a blended family work is a wonderful thing. They choose to put aside their differences for the sake of their son. 

All these years after their difficult divorce, it’s beautiful to see Aguilera and Bratman putting their differences aside to ensure the focus is on their son. A decade after their separation, the superstar has been honest about what happened between them.

She takes great credit for the turning of events between their marriage. Christina knew she had to end the marriage for her sanity with her young age and distressed family history.

Is Christina Aguilera Married Now?

So, is Christina Aguilera married? The answer is no. She is divorced from her husband. But she is now engaged with Matthew Rutler, her longtime dating partner. Imagine that they have been together for more than a decade. Anyway, the two have been planning to marry each other eventually.

After their first meeting in 2009, the two fell in love shortly after the singer’s divorce from her ex-husband. Later on, they have their own child named summer. The engagement took place on Valentine’s Day of 2014. This was before they welcomed their daughter in August.

Until today, no wedding has taken place. But we can clearly see by the looks of their eyes that they are still entirely in love with each other. They just enjoy their family and career.

It’s A Wrap!

So, is Christina Aguilera married? If so, who is Christina Aguilera married to? Who’s Christina Aguilera’s husband? 

After reading the entire post, you know that Christina Aguilera has been married to Jordan Bratman, but they are already separated. Currently, she is supposed to marry again to her longtime boyfriend, Matthew Rutler. 

The question now is: when will this marriage ceremony take place? You should be updated, folks! We will tell you as soon as the wedding bells ring.

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