Is Common (Rapper) Muslim? What's His Religious Belief?

Common (rapper) has many things uncommon. For example, he shares his relationship status with his fans, unlike most celebrities. 

Another uncommon fact is he has a Muslim name, ‘Rashid,’ in the middle of his entire real name. Does it mean Common (rapper) is Muslim? What’s his religious belief? 

Which religion does Common follow? Is he Muslim or Christian?
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Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., aka rapper Common, is mistakenly thought to be a Muslim. It’s because he has ‘Rashid’ in his name. But in an interview, the singer disclosed his actual religion is Christianity. So, Common (rapper) is Christian. 

Below, you will get answers to all your questions about his religious belief in brief. So without further ado, let’s get to it. 

Is Common Rapper Muslim? 

The famous rapper Common has a Muslim middle name in his real name. His full name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., So there is a misconception that he may be a Muslim. But Common is not Muslim. 

His middle name does not concern his religion because that particular name doesn’t indicate his parents. Both his parents belong to different religions. 

Common Rapper is not Muslim.
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It’s unknown why his father and mother added a Muslim name to rappers’ names, but he doesn’t follow Islam. 

Is Common Rapper Christian? 

Rapper Common spoke about his religion in one interview with Afro. Common admitted himself as a Christian. He gave a small speech on it. The rapper said, “I’m a Christian. I believe in God, and I’ve been a member of that church, Trinity United Church of Christ since I was 8. 

I don’t live in Chicago anymore, so I don’t get there regularly. But I believe God exists in us all, so I don’t knock any other religions. I respect anyone with spiritual beliefs in a higher being.”

How Religious is Rapper Common? 

Rapper Common has faith in Christianity, but how far does he follow the Christian rules? Actually, he isn’t a strict practitioner. His focus is only on believing that there is God, and according to him, God lives inside everyone. 

Is Common Rapper Christian? How Religious is Rapper Common? 
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It doesn’t properly portray Christianity. Also, he drank alcohol and stopped going to Churches. Hence we can say he is neither too nor less religious. He falls under those who only believe and want to keep God in mind but don’t follow most of the commandments. 

Final Words 

Some people are Muslim, but they have one or two names that sound like they are from another religion. Some are Christian but are misunderstood as Muslims for having a Muslim name in their entire name. 

Such a confusing thing happened with Common (rapper). He has ‘Rashid’ as his middle name, which sparked rumors he is Muslim. The truth is Common is Christian, and he admitted it himself. 

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