Is Dane Dehaan Related to Leonardo Dicaprio?

Several actors and actresses almost look alike. Some, however, look the same when they have the same haircut, wear similar clothing and, most importantly, hold the same attitude. 

Dane DeHaan is one such star we are going to talk about. His and Leonardo Dicaprio’s followers claim that the two have many similarities. Hence, is Dane DeHaan related to Leonardo Dicaprio? 

Is Dane Dehaan Related to Leonardo Dicaprio? Let's see.
Dane Dehaan by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

No, Dane DeHaan and Leonardo Dicaprio are not related. The actors are not siblings as most people think. They are friends and know about one another through the entertainment industry. Here’s everything we checked to get to your answers. 

Many people have this question swirling around their brains: Is Dane Dehaan related to Leonardo Dicaprio? This question arose for a big reason. Dane and Leonardo look pretty similar. 

Once, Dane had similar hair color and physical attributes to Dicaprio, making it seem like the two celebrities are related. Besides, there are many similar clips in both of the stars’ gay films ‘Kill Your Darling’ by Dane Dehaan and ‘Total Eclipse’ by Leonardo Dicaprio. 

But are they related to one another by any relation? Are they siblings or cousins, or friends? We will check their family backgrounds to know if they are connected through their families or if they are friends. 

Dane DeHaan Details

Dan Dehaan was born in 1986. He is American. The actor began his acting career at an early age. He played multiple roles in various films.

His famous movies are Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, ZeroZeroZero, City of Thousand Planets, and A Cure for Wellness. 

Dane DeHaan Parents

Both of Dehaan’s parents are well-established. His father works as a computer programmer, and his mother works as one of the company’s executives at MetLife. His father’s name is Jeff Dehaan, and his mother’s name is Cynthia Boscia. 

Dane DeHaan Siblings

Dane has one sibling. He has an elder sister who is known as Meghann DeHaan. There is not much available information about her.

Dane DeHaan Partners

Dane DeHaan has one partner. He married his high school sweetheart Anna Wood. She is also an actress and an American. The duo met in high school when they lived in North Carolina in 2006. 

They have been dating since then and married in June 2012. They acted in the same film, Chronicle, in 2012. 

Dane and his partner became biological parents of their daughters, Bowie Rose DeHaan and Bert Apollo DeHaan. 

Leonardo Dicaprio Details

Leonardo Dicaprio is prominent for acting in the Titanic movie. He served in plenty of hit films. He started working in 1988 when he used to get minor roles in series like Roseanne and The New Lassie.

Leonardo Dicaprio family Details including her parents, siblings and partner.
Leonardo Dicaprio
by John Gillespie licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He then earned his first movie role in 1991 in Critters 3. He then never had to look back and shone through his whole career. 

Leonardo Dicaprio Parents

Leonardo Dicaprio was welcomed on 11th November 1974 by his father, George Dicaprio, and mother, Irmelin Indenbriken. 

His father is well-recognized for his writings, and his mother was a legal secretary. The couple broke up in 1975, a year after giving birth to the legendary actor Leonardo. 

Leonardo Dicaprio Siblings

Leonardo Dicaprio is the only child of his parents. A year after his birth, his parents split. 

Leonardo Dicaprio Partners

The Revenant actor is not married. He had many girlfriends in the past, and his present girlfriend is Camila Morrone. 

We have seen Dane DeHaan and Leonardo Dicaprio may look alike, but they are nothing like brothers or cousins. They are not from the same family.

As per the media reports, the two actors are not even friends. Hence, Dane DeHaan is not related to Leonardo Dicaprio. 

Final Words 

Is Dane DeHaan related to Leonardo Dicaprio? No, the two actors are not involved in any family relationship. 

Although their physical appearance is pretty much the same, many confuse them as brothers or cousins. 

However, the A Cure for Wellness actor and The Wolf of Wall Street actor are not even friends. They only know about each other through their profession and are not close.

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