Is David Muir Gay? What is David Muir's Sexuality?

If you are a news fanatic, then there is no way you don’t know who David Muir is. He is one of the most influential journalists in America and is currently hosting a news show called ‘The World Tonight with David Muir.’

The 47-year-old journalist has come a long way in his journey of being the most prominent journalist of this era. Apart from his journalism, people go crazy over his charming looks.

Is David Muir Gay? What's his sexual orientation?
David Muir By Walt Disney Television Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Even the gay community is not left behind from falling over this handsome journalist. There have been lots of speculations regarding David’s sexuality from his gay and female followers.

Therefore, what is David Muir’s sexuality? Is David Muir gay? If so, then it’s going to break many of the females’ hearts. Let us learn about it below.

What is David Muir’s Sexual Orientation?

David Muir is speculated to be bisexual, which means he is interested in both males and females. The journalist has never spoken publicly to clarify his sexuality.

The assumptions arose when Muir was partying in a gay club in New York City with his friends and colleagues.

One of his colleagues, Gio Benitez, is openly gay, and Muir is mostly seen hanging out with him.

What's David Muir's sexuality? Is he gay?
David Muir By Walt Disney Television Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Although their relationship is not confirmed, it is assumed that they might be sexual partners. Still, Muir has addressed this confusion regarding his sexuality.

We assume that he is afraid to come out as gay or that he cares what other people think about him. 

What Does David Muir’s Past Relationships Tell Us About His Sexuality?

The 47-year-old journalist’s romantic life and sexual orientation are shrouded in mystery. According to reports, Muir has only had one relationship in the past.

It is not known whether it was a man or woman. The journalist lets people assume things about him which makes the water even muddier.

Although he is in his late 40’s, the New Yorker journalist is not married yet, nor is he engaged to anyone.

Is David Muir Gay or Straight? Let's know about his sexuality.
David Muir By Walt Disney Television Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Currently, in 2021, he is single. In the past, he was not even seen in a romantic relationship with anyone.

We are currently trying to find information related to David Muir’s past hookups and flings.  

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about David Muir’s sexual orientation due to a lack of information and the journalist’s silence.

It is a sensitive topic, and if Muir doesn’t want to talk about it, we should not dig more into it. After all, he minds his own business by taking America’s journalism to the next level, and we should appreciate his efforts there.

He is an amazing host and journalist who gives his best everywhere.

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