Is Dennis Rodman Gay? What’s the Sexuality of NBA Legend

When Dennis Rodman appeared in a white wedding gown in front of the media in New York City, it became a huge news and matter of discussion because it’s something that a gay man would do. 

But that was just the beginning of one of the all-time best players of the NBA confusing people with his sexuality. Next, he added many tattoos and piercings on different parts of his body, ultimately making some fans believe he had come out as gay. 

What's Dennis Rodman's sexual orientation?
Dennis Rodman by Luke Harold licensed under CC0 1.0

But the truth is different. In this article, you will discover whether Dennis Rodman is gay and why he made so many changes to his looks. Let’s get you to your desired answers.

Dennis Rodman’s Appearance Is The Main Reason for People Confusing Him With A Gay Man 

How a person appears to others matters a lot. A person’s appearance can help others to find out a little information about that particular person. Hence most people are fashion-conscious. But things are different when we are talking about Dennis Rodman. 

The NBA player doesn’t seem to care about anything but his preferences. He gave his followers several reasons to mistake him as gay.

He dyed his hair with unique colors, has many piercings and tattoos on his body, and even pierced his testicles when asked why the player said he did that for no good reason. 

The first time gay rumors about Dennis began when a picture of him was published where he was wearing a white wedding gown.

Dennis Rodman's Appearance Is The Main Reason for People Confusing Him With A Gay Man 
Dennis Rodman by Laika ac licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Graham Bensinger interviewed the NBA legend and asked him, “What do you recall from the time you told people you were going to be getting married, but you actually showed up, what it really was part of the book promotion in New York City in the wedding dress?”

Dennis Rodman replied, “Not that. I was flying back from London doing a movie, and it was like eight of us, and I had the number one makeup artist in the world. We just kind of wrote a book. Moshe said he said What do you want to do? Ummm, I don’t know if I got a wedding dress or something cool that I would marry myself. I just came up like that.” 

Rodman also accepted that he has many tattoos and piercings, and he has them for no particular reason. It’s clear that he didn’t change his body because he is homosexual. Besides, the basketball player said he is not gay in an interview. 

Dennis Rodman said: “I’m Not Gay.” 

In 2013 Dennis Rodman was interviewed by Marc Lamont Hill. They were talking about homosexuality, and at a certain point, Marc asked Dennis Rodman about the coming out of Jason Collins and whether he was surprised about that. 

Dennis Rodman answered, “No, I was actually surprised at the fact that you know, and I made a comment about that about a month ago. I said, ‘If I were to come out and say that I was gay, which I’m not. If I were to say I was gay back in 1996, people would say, we knew, right yeah.” 

Since one of the best players of the NBA admitted himself as straight, we should no more judge his sexuality depending on how he prefers to look.

Many people like to appear different and have piercings, tattoos, and colored hair. Dennis Rodman is one of them, but of course, not gay. 

Final Words

Dennis Rodman is one of the few stars who changed his entire appearance with tattoos and piercings. However, Rodman made profound changes. He even pierced his lips and testicles. 

All those piercings with colored hair made him look unusual, and fans couldn’t think of anything but him coming out of the closet when he wore makeup. Fortunately, he all by himself admitted that he is not gay but straight when he was asked about another celebrity player’s coming out. 

In other interviews, he said he liked piercing and tattooing on his body and didn’t care about the pain it causes because life can put you in more significant pain.

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