Is Denzel Washington a Republican? What’s His Political Belief?

Award-winning actor Denzel Washington is known for having a very unapologetic mouth regarding his personal beliefs and convictions.

And with Hollywood increasingly starting to meddle with certain political ideologies – most especially those from the so-called ‘woke agenda’ – people can’t help but wonder where Denzel Washington stands on the matter. 

Is Denzel Washington a Republican or Democrat? Which party does he support?
Denzel Washington by El Hormiguero licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

So, suppose you’re interested in finding out whether Denzel is a republican or a democrat. In that case, we invite you to keep reading! Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Denzel Washington’s political beliefs.

What is Denzel Washington’s Political Party?

The U.S. has two main political parties: the Republic and the Democratic. While most celebrities are pretty blunt about which party they associate with, Denzel is surprisingly quite nonchalant about it.

He has never explicitly identified as a member of any political party. He has, however, supported Democratic politicians in the past, which made many of his fans believe that he might actually be a Democrat. 

For instance, Denzel publicly supported the presidential bid of Barrack Obama and even donated $30,800 to his campaign. Then, it was also reported that the American Gangster star endorsed a Democrat who was running for the position of Mayor in his hometown. 

Still, some people argue that Denzel is actually a Republican.

That is because he’s a devout Christian – a trait that Republicans pride themselves on. 

So, what now? Is Denzel Washington a Republican or a Democrat? Well, considering his character, it might actually be possible that he’s neither.

What is Denzel Washington’s Political Party? Does he have any party?
Denzel Washington by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Denzel is known for being a man of principle – and these principles will not let him be constrained into a single political party. He’s open-minded; that is, he supports whatever political view he deems would bring the best benefits to everyone. 

Just take a look at Denzel’s sentiment below, where instead of antagonizing someone from a certain political party, he remained objective:

I think there’s a desire for checks and balances, so now there’s a Republican party in Congress, and a Democratic party in the Senate, and a Democratic president, I think it now forces them all to work together.”

Did Denzel Washington Really Support Donald Trump?

In this day and age, posting fake news is as easy as snapping your fingers. Unfortunately for Denzel Washington, he’s fallen victim to these harmful tactics not just once but several times.

The most notable incident happened during the height of the 2016 US presidential campaigns. A website posted a picture of the actor seemingly endorsing Donald Trump’s presidential bid, which quickly went viral online.

Did Denzel Washington Really Support Donald Trump? Know the truth.
Denzel Washington by Terri Sewell licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Fast forward to 2018, Denzel appeared in yet another fabricated news. This time, he allegedly shared this statement about the Democratic party during an interview with satirical news site America’s Last Line of Defense (LLOD):

The Democrats are just liars. I mean … I’ve seen it. They make Facebook pages and write fake stories with sensational headlines to prove conservatives don’t research, which is preposterous. The liberals are the ones who can’t do facts. The fact is, my brothers like R. Kelly and Jussie Smollett are showing the true nature of our society and how out of control it is. I mean … We’re letting kids listen to music older people might not like and encouraging them to dress, speak, and act like their opinion matters. What we say goes, kids. Sit down.”

Unfortunately, many people fell for this satirical post that, to this day, some people still share it to social media. 

So, to settle things once and for all: Denzel Washington has never personally and explicitly endorsed Donald Trump. He also likes to keep his political beliefs private. 

Do you think it was a wise call for Denzel to stay away from politics or should he be more vocal instead? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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