Is Denzel Washington Related to George Washington?

Let’s admit it: the name Washington is very iconic. It’s something that not only Americans are familiar with but the entire world.

That is why famous people whose last names are Washington often get associated with one another – and that’s exactly what happened between Hollywood’s Denzel Washington and America’s founder George Washington. 

Is Denzel Washington Related to George Washington? How they are connected?
Denzel Washington by Loren Javier licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Undeniably, these two gentlemen are one of the most influential people in the history of mankind. They individually excel in their own career paths.

Given their last names and incredible skill, people can’t help but wonder if they happen to be related. So, without further ado, let’s find out!

Denzel Washington’s Family Ancestry

If we want to find out if two people are related, we must take a look at their family ancestry to figure out if they share a similar ethnic heritage or a common ancestor. Let’s start with Denzel Washington.

Born on December 28, 1954, Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is the second-born child of his parents Denzel Washington Sr. and Lennis Washington. His older sister is Lorice, while his younger brother is David.

According to reports, he was born and raised in Mount Vernon, New York in the U.S., making him African-American. However, it is unknown which countries in Africa his ancestors originated from.

This is because many of them were born into slavery, which meant that most of them had no records in the system by the time slavery was abolished.  

Still, it was reported that Denzel’s great-great grandfather, John Washington, was the first to bear the surname in the family. He, like most of Denzel’s ancestors, resided in Virginia. 

George Washington’s Family Ancestry

Of course, the family lineage of America’s first president was obviously well-documented. George Washington was the son of Mary Ball and Augustine Washington. His ethnicity includes:

  • English
  • French
  • Welsh
  • Scottish
  • Irish
  • Dutch

A close look at George Washington’s Family Ancestry.
George Washington by Wmpearl licensed under CC0 1.0

Interestingly, George Washington died around the same place he was born: in the state of Virginia. Most of his ancestors also originated from Virginia.

According to experts, George Washington’s infertility led him to end his family’s bloodline upon his death. He never had any biological children. However, he did adopt the children or grandchildren of his wife, Martha Custis. George raised his family in Virginia.

Are George Washington and Denzel Washington Related?

There are several coincidences that seem to suggest that Denzel Washington may be – in some way – related to George Washington. He may not be a biological descendant, but the actor could still be connected to America’s founding father based on these circumstances:

  • One of Denzel’s ancestors had ‘mulatto’ children, meaning they had a white ancestor. George’s relatives owned slaves and may have molested some.
  • George Washington spent his remaining days living in his Mount Vernon estate – the same place where Denzel Washington was born.
  • George’s wife, Mary, had a descendant who impregnated an African-American slave maid named Arianna Carter. 

Are George Washington and Denzel Washington Related? Let's know the details.
Denzel Washington by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Despite these compelling conditions, it’s still not enough to conclude that George Washington and Denzel Washington are related.

That is because, according to experts, 90% of people with the surname Washington are African-American. It is theorized that most of them simply chose the name upon emancipation instead of inheriting it from their ancestors. 

To conclude everything, there is no reliable data that suggests Denzel and George Washington are related.

No reports show that they share a common ancestor. And as it stands, it seems improbable, especially since Denzel’s family heritage has yet to be thoroughly explored. 

But what do you think? Is Denzel a descendant of George Washington? Leave a comment below!

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