Is Diana Ross Gay? What's Her Sexuality?

Last year, Diana was honored by the American Music Awards by giving her the Lifetime Achievement Awards for all of the contributions she left in the music industry. With almost 60 years of being in the industry, the Boss deserves the title. 

Many of her millions of fans are members of the LGBTQ community. They are the ones who regarded the diva as a gay icon. That is because of her inspirational rise to fame and dynamic personality.

Is Diana Ross Gay or straight? what's her sexual orientation?
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Other than the AMAs, the Billboard Pride also celebrated the accolade of the legendary singer as a gay icon. But do you wonder why she is considered a gay icon?

You might ask: Is Diana Ross gay? What’s her sexuality? Read further to find out. 

Is Diana Ross Gay?

No, the international music icon is not gay. She is a straight woman. The rumors about the sexuality of the singer have something to do with her hit song entitled I’m Coming Out. That song is included in her best-selling album entitled Diana, released in 1980. 

The song has been considered as the pride anthem. But the legendary singer was not aware that her song was a thing for gays at the start.

Nile Rogers had written this song after encountering some drag queens who dressed as Ross. This made him realize that the songstress has a massive gay fan base. With that, he was inspired and created the song. 

Diana Ross rumor details. Let's know about her sexuality.
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What Is Diana Ross Sexuality?

Again, Diana Ross is not gay. In fact, the songstress has been married twice, and she is also a mother of five children. The legendary singer has made her brand in the music industry remarkably astonishing. 

Starting as a lead singer in a girl group that become the most popular girl group of all time until becoming a solo artist. The superstar has been equally renowned as a member of the Supremes and as a solo artist.

Even when she started acting, she earned awards that prove her extraordinary talent. This has inspired her fans, particularly the LGBTQ community. 

What Is Diana Ross Sexuality? is she gay or straight?
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When the singer was given the song I’m Coming Out, she loved it immediately. Somehow, she got connected with the very empowering lyrics. She can relate to it but not the same way as the gays do, and she was not even aware that the praise “coming out of the closet” is a gay thing. 

When the legendary singer sings that song, many people think that she is admitting to her being gay. But that is not the case. Instead, this has been the song that has made her the black queen hailed by gay fans. 

Diana Ross As A Gay Icon

Her song has become the ultimate gay anthem, and this is the start for her to be considered the gay icon. The gay fans, indeed, hailed her as their queen as what Rodgers had told her.

But aside from her song, she has also been an inspiration to them. They find her glamour and glitz admirable. Furthermore, she supports gay marriage. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Diana Ross gay? This has been a common misconception of anyone hearing her song without knowing its story. But again, she is not gay. The legendary music icon is a straight woman who inspires the LGBTQ community. 

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