Is Diego Boneta Gay? Look At His Sexuality and Dating 

Is Diego Boneta Gay? This question was raised after a group of people tried to ruin his name and fame. There are some websites where people question and answer (give their opinion) on celebrities’ sexual orientation. 

Such a website was confusing Boneta’s followers and some websites are confused about his sexuality as they have less data on this matter. This led some fans actually believe the Luis Miguel star might be gay. 

A close look at Diego Boneta's sexuality and dating life.
Diego Boneta by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But, he is not. Diego Boneta is straight and it’s easy to understand his sexuality by looking at his long list of girlfriends. As per reports on his love life he always dated women and not men. 

So who did he date in the past? Is he still dating a woman or is he single? Here we discussed everything in detail. 

Is Diego Boneta Gay? 

The Mexican actor Diego Boneta is not a secretive person regarding his dating but when it comes to his sexuality, Boneta seems super strict. Is this handsome hunk gay? This question haunts his female fans. 

Luckily Diego Boneta is not gay. Since he openly shows who he dates, if he were gay we would have already found that out. The actor has been dating several women since 2010. If he were homosexual he wouldn’t keep falling for women. 

So then why didn’t he label his sexuality? Maybe he thinks like most other celebrities that his sexuality is the most private thing to talk about.

So he minds sharing his gender orientation with the public. Besides, we don’t need confirmation from him as his girlfriends already hint us his sexual label. 

Is Diego Boneta Straight? 

Diego Boneta hasn’t revealed his sexual orientation yet. The actor seems to avoid speaking about his sexual orientation. So does it mean we can’t assume his gender orientation? 

Is Diego Boneta Straight? What's his actual sexuality?
Diego Boneta by hyku licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Thankfully the celebrity shares information about his love life. That helped us understand, Diego Boneta is straight. Next, we will see who were his dating partners to get a clear concept of his sexual label and interest. 

Diego Boneta Has Always Dated Women Like Every Other Straight Man 

The “Rock of Ages” actor seems to love being in relationships. Since 2006 the celebrity has been hard to find as single. He is still dating in 2022. Let’s get introduced to all his girlfriends individually. 

Angelique Boyer 

Angelique Boyer was his first ever girlfriend that he introduced to the world. The media doesn’t have any information regarding when the couple met or how they became close.

The duo dated for four years and finally broke up in 2010. They kept tight-lipped about the reason for their split. 

Michelle Salas 

Michelle Salas is the oldest child of Luis Miguel. Diego reportedly dated Salas back in 2013. Although some consider it a rumor and others say the couple just hooked up and then broke up.

Because their relationship began and ended in the same year. Boneta’s affair with Salas is most probably the shortest relationship of his life. 

Ana De La Reguera 

After breaking up with Salas, Boneta started dating Ana De La Reguera in 2013. There isn’t much information about the couple.

Ana De La Reguera was previously dating Diego Boneta.
Ana De La Reguera by culturacdmx licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

However, there are several close pictures of the two online. The “Terminator: Dark Fate” actor had a four years long affair with Ana and got split in 2017. 

Camila Sodi 

Diego and Camila met while acting in the famous series ‘Luis Miguel’. He began dating Camila in 2018. But the couple ended everything in the same year.

The actor also dated Mayte Rodriguez in 2019 and Teresa Ruiz in 2020. However, we couldn’t find enough data regarding his relationship with these two pretty women. 

Renata Notni 

Diego Boneta is currently his Luis Miguel co-star Renata. The couple gave a huge hint of them being a couple by posting a photo of them on Instagram where they are holding hands. They most probably began to date from June 2021.

Since we couldn’t find any dating news or even a dating rumor of the Mexican singer of the same sex person, we can say Diego Boneta is into women and is heterosexual. 

Final Words 

Diego Boneta was born in Mexico. But he is known as an American actor. He earned quick fame after acting with Tom Cruise in the movie Rock of Ages. After his popularity was raised, a question was bothering his fans, “is Diego Boneta gay?”

Diego Boneta was never gay. Although some false websites claim him to be homosexual the legit data is he likes women and not men. 

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