Is Doja Cat Black? A Close Look At Her Ethnicity

Many people questioned the race of the rapper and singer Doja Cat, and she called them out as hypocrites. Social media users canceled her due to her racially insensitive music.

The celebrity addressed this a couple of times. Still, later, she posted on Twitter, venting out that people’s perception of her had changed.

Is Doja Cat Black or white? A Close Look At Doja Cat Ethnicity.
Doja Cat by Naz (@dojaclouds) Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But with the heated issue about the singer being a racing person trying to please the white through offensive things, we cannot help but wonder about her ethnicity. Is Doja Cat Black?

This post will answer that question. Read below as we take a close look at her ethnicity.

What Is Doja Cat Ethnicity?

The female rapper was born in LA, California. It was also the place where she was raised by her white mom. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, her mother, is half Jewish and half American. She works as a graphic designer. 

Consequently, her father named Dumisani Dlamini, is black. He is an actor in South Africa. Her father is of Zulu descent. He was best known as Crocodile I, the musical entitled Sarafina. As such, the ethnicity of the singer is mixed. 

What Is Doja Cat Ethnicity? Is she black or white?
Doja Cat
by Authentic Culture Network Licensed under CC BY 3.0

The stage name of the singer was made out of her love for cats and marijuana. The term Doja is also used to refer to weed. At a young age, the singer used to smoke weed a lot. 

Is Doja Cat Black?

No, the international recording artist is not black. She is bi-racial because one of her parents is white, and that is her mother. The singer is only considered black due to the one-drop rule in the United States. But look at her skin tone. It is far from black people. 

Most women with lighter skin like her love to be seen as one of the black women since they will be exposed to more opportunities.

Look at the white genre, and you’ll see that only a few light black women have been successful. But in the black genre, the number of light black women who succeed is significant. 

If not for the black community, the singer and rapper will only be one of those dark white women who are not as glamorous as the light black women. Does that make any sense? In other words, the singer used her being half black to be more extraordinary. 

Addressing the Allegations on Racism

It was not the first time the singer had been canceled due to the offensive things she said online. But she addresses this issue through her Instagram post.

Doja Cat Addressing the Allegations on Racism.
Doja Ca
t by Georgebre Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The singer said that she was a black woman. Her father is from South Africa, so half of her family is black. She further added that she is proud of where she came from. 

Furthermore, the singer apologized for her song, which many people interpreted as an act of racism. For her is simply self-hate for people who have hurt her. She also acknowledged her imperfection. 

But some fans are still not convinced, claiming that the singer favors white men due to the wrong impression she has for black men, which is due to her father. The singer was abandoned by her father, so only her mother raised her. This means that she was never exposed to the black culture. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Doja Cat Black? No, she is not black but biracial since her mother is white. The things that had happened to her online are very unfortunate.

She has been a victim of a cancel culture. May this be an eye-opener to everyone to be careful on what they put out there, especially for someone like her who is very influential. 

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