Is Doja Cat Gay? What's Her Sexual Orientation?

There has been a viral video in TikTok wherein Doja Cat turned her back to her fans as she was trying to regain her composure.

This happens when her fans are singing along with her as she sings in Texas. The singer cannot hold back her tears. She was so overwhelmed by the reaction of her fans to her music.

What's Doja Cat's Sexual Orientation? Is she hay or straight?
Doja Cat by The Knockturnal Licensed under CC BY 3.0

The sexually explicit song lyrics have won the hearts of many. She has gained so many new fans that steam her song. With such kind of music, it is hard to decipher what’s her sexual orientation. People are even asking: is Doja Cat gay?

We did some research, and now, we are ready to answer that question. Read below and find out about the sexuality of your favorite star.

Is Doja Cat Gay?

We knew that the international recording artist has dated men in the past, making her a straight woman. But then, she had also admitted being gay in one of her live videos on Instagram.

That was in 2019 when the singer spoke of her sexuality. She said that she likes having sex with any gender orientation. 

Does She Hate Gay?

The music artist has also been a victim of cancel culture on Twitter due to her comments that are way too homophobic coming from someone like her who is gay herself.

Does Doja Cat Hate Gay? What's her sexuality?
Doja Cat by LavishRuby Licensed under CC BY 3.0

After the bisexual confession of the singer and rapper, she was supported by the LGBTQ+ community once again. 

She had admitted that she had called several people faggots way back when she was a high school student around 2015. But it does not mean that she is not deserving of any support. Although she has said faggot numerous times, it does not mean that she hates people. Being gay is ok. 

What Is Doja Cat Sexuality?

As mentioned earlier, the singer has opened up on her Instagram that she is gay or bisexual. Also, her song entitled Naked has made reference to her queer sexuality.

In that song, she rapped about like both bananas and peaches. Most of the pieces of the singer have lyrics that focus on physical beauty and sexuality. 

What Is Doja Cat Sexuality? Is she lesbian or bisexual?
Doja Cat by Qwerty32166 Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Ever since her approach comes from a powerful position. The most common theme on the catalog of the superstar is feminine sexual empowerment.

But despite her provocative outfits in her music video, she was not subjective to passive objectification may men. The singer is an active player. She is constantly playing the role of a seducer and not the seduced. 

Furthermore, it can be confirmed by her dating history. Although she was single right now, the Grammy winner has been speculated to be dating several female and male celebrities. 

It’s A Wrap?

Is Doja Cat gay? Now you are aware that the sexual identity of the high-profile singer and rapper is bisexual. She likes having a sexual relationship with either men or women. The recording artist is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading until the end.

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