Is Doja Cat’s Hair Natural? Does She Wear A Wig?

Since the time Doja Cat went viral due to her song entitled Mooo in 2018, she has always been trending. The singer and rapper often dominate the chares with her singles.

The number of times that her song became a trend on TikTok is more than you can count in your hands. Just every top music on the said app is the artist’s song.

Is Doja Cat’s Hair Natural? Or does Doja Cat wear a wig?
Doja Cat by VOGUE Taiwan Licensed under CC BY 3.0

But aside from her music, there is another thing about her that her fans are overly obsessed about – her hairstyles. Many of her admirers around the globe are wondering: is Doja Cat’s hair natural? Does she wear a wig? We are going to answer that questions today. 

Stay with us as we talk about the natural hair of the international singing superstar. Also, find out whether or not she indeed is wearing a wig. Keep reading!

Is Doja Cat Hair Natural?

In rare times, the people on the internet are coming together to hype up someone genuinely, and one of the lucky persons who got to experience this is the Kiss Me More singer. The high-profile rapper showed up in her Instagram Liver one weekend wearing her natural Afro hair. 

The trending singer always covers those hairs up with front wigs, so nobody has ever seen what is underneath those neon lace façades.

Doja Cat Natural Hair details.
Doja Cat by LavishRuby Licensed under CC BY 3.0

In her new video, she was seen with a fringe pineapple hairstyle. She modeled this updo while Jawny Utah, her musician boyfriend, was cheering up for her in the background.

Do Her Fans Love Doja Cat Natural Hair?

That was a sweet moment that the fans could not get over. The hype continued when screenshots and clips of that particular video started to circulate on Twitter.

That was a proud moment for the rapper to be showing off her authentic self. The online devotees of the artist have been showering her with love and praises. They just love her curly way so much. 

Although that moment was not the only time the singer showed her natural her online, it was only then when she gave a break to her wigs after a long time. A lot of fans are hoping that the singer will finally embrace her curls.

Does Doja Cat Wear A Wig?

The fans of the international rapper and singer are aware that she had issues with wigs before. That is when she was seen with a lace error.

Does Doja Cat Wear A Wig? Is Doja Cat's hair natural?
Doja Cat by The Knockturnal Licensed under CC BY 3.0

But now, her team of hairstylists is incredible. They can create just any kind of look for the singer, and she can easily pull off any of them. 

All of the appearances of the singer on the red carpet or music videos, it was her hair that often steals the attention of everyone in the show. You can see her in long straight hair, braid, bright-colored hair, and many more.

And yes, she does wear the wig in those shows. As mentioned earlier, she rarely shows off her naturally curly mane. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Doja Cat’s Hair Natural? You might not have seen her natural hair often because she always covers it with wigs.

But there are rare times when she shows her curly hair to her fans, and she is showered with praises and love for it. She is adorable, regardless of the hairstyle she decides to wear. 

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