Is Don Lemon Gay? What Is Don Lemon’s Sexuality?

In his Journalism career, Donald Davis Lemon is recognized as Don Lemon. He is an American writer and TV Journalist who is right now serving for CNN as the prime-time news anchor.

It’s uncertain about wherever the rumor had spread, Don married secretly, and his first wife was Stephanie.

Is Don Lemon Gay or straight? What's his sexual orientation?
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But they do not have any involvement with Stephanie at this time. If something is present there, they might be wonderful friends. 

In 2011, Don Lemon wrote the book Transparent where he wrote out about his sexuality and gender-neutrality. After that, he revealed publicly in the interview that he is gay and about his sexuality. 

In this article, you will experience what Don Lemon spoke out about his sexuality. Here is about Is Don Lemon Gay? What Is Don Lemon’s Sexuality?

Don Lemon Wiki-Bio

On March 1, 1966, Don Lemon was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. He is American and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

He graduated in broadcast journalism from College in Brooklyn, New York, and studied Louisiana State University Besides journalists, Don Lemon is also a writer.

In 2011 he wrote a book named Transparent, printed 1, which is named with his own life and sexuality, furthermore he has talked about homophobia, colorism in the black community, 

and sexual abuse as he was one victim. At that time, it was then when he openly changed out as gay.

 Is Don Lemon Gay?

Standing at the height of five feet and 6 inches tall, he has an appealing look. He is 48-years-old now and nevertheless has the same passion and puzzler as of his adolescence.

Yes, he is gay. He publicly announced that being gay. Don Lemon about his gay ad sexuality was first revealed in his book Transparent, released in 2011.

Lemon writes out, for his readers, that he was abused and molested by his teen neighbor for a year.

During the interview, he shared that he knew about his gay and sexuality from childhood. But he was waiting for thirty years because of his mother; she took this initiative about his gender.

Don Lemon Reveals about the Sexuality on Twitter

CNN’s journalists  Don Lemon, 45, appeared with a tweet, revealing he was gay to his 92,943 followers.

The revelation started with the weekend prime-time anchor sharing a link to an interview directed with New York Times journalist Bill Carter revealing that although many of his colleagues were informed of his sexual familiarization, there’s certain engagement appears with going public, particularly as it concerns the black community.

It’s considerably distinctive of an African-American male. Lemon said in the article. It’s about the most hurtful thing you can be in black culture.

In Transparent, an informal account of the disturbing abuse Lemon experienced during his childhood, will operate book shops on June 16.


Don Lemon is fully gay. These days it romantically linked him with his gay partner Tim Maloney.

While in September 2010, it exposed Lemon that he was a victim of sexual exploitation as a child by his teen neighbor and told nothing about the sexual harassment to his mother until 30.

Don Lemon composed the book Transparent where he mentioned his sexuality and gender-neutral. Then he revealed openly in the interview that he is gay and about his sexuality. 

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