Is Drew Carey Related To Jim Carrey And Mariah Carey?

Public consciousness has always been captivated by different celebrities. In the modern world, entertainment is a substantial global endeavor.

Since celebrities are the ones that are driving the entertainment, it also means that they contribute to shaping our culture. 

Is Drew Carey Related To Jim Carrey And Mariah Carey? fact check.
Drew Carey By Erik Drost Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Fans part of a particular cultural royalty often want to know more about their favorite celebrities. Either they tried to connect to them more or simply entertain themselves. However, since only basic information was available, most people were confused. 

Some fans would easily connect their favorite stars to other celebrities with the same surname. A lot of them assume relations too quickly. But is Drew Carey related to Jim Carrey and Mariah Carey? Find out below.

Many fans thought the two entertainers were brothers, but they were unrelated. Looking closely at their last names, they are not spelled the same. The host’s last name has only one R, while Jim’s last name is spelled with two R’s. 

Although the two stars are entirely different, many fans assume they belong to the same family. However, the two are not related. The game show host was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a mixture of Western European heritage. 

Conversely, the singer was

raised in New York. The singer’s father, who gave her the last name Carey was an immigrant from Venezuela. He has a mixed African heritage.

Is Drew Carey Related To Mariah Carey? Are they connected?
Mariah Carey by WBLS Licensed under CC BY 3.0

The two biggest stars having the same last names is nothing but a coincidence. Not unless they are keeping their connection secret. But it does not seem so. 

Both entertainers have maintained success and popularity over the years. Their type of work is entirely different. But the common thing about them is that they are on top of their fields.

Are Jim Carrey and Mariah Carey related?

Since we are talking about these three stars, let us also find out whether or not Jim and Mariah are related. You could be interested in this as well. 

So are they related or not? Look at the last names of the two celebrities, and you might know the answer already. Just like with Jim and Drew, the last names of the two were not spelled the same.

Are Jim Carrey and Mariah Carey related? How they related each other?
Jim Carrey by Beto Pasillas licensed under CC BY 3.0

With this, we can easily assume that the two are not related. Many of you thought they have familial connections due to their last names, but now you might have realized that you haven’t looked at it closely. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Drew Carey related to Jim Carrey and Mariah Carey? After you have read the entire post, you might be aware already that the game show host is not associated with either of them.

Jim’s last name is spelled differently, and Mariah is not a real Carey. It was only given to her by her father to be used as her stage name. 

In celebrities, even if they have the same last names or their names sound the same, we cannot assume a relationship right away. 

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