Is Drew Carey Religious? Which Religion Does He Follow?

We have various icons in the entertainment world. They are the ones who have built notable success, fame, and influence in the field to which they belong.

When it comes to game shows and comedy, the most iconic star would be Drew Carey. He is the host of the longest game show aired on American television.

Is Drew Carey Religious? What's his religious belief?
Drew Carey By Brett Curtiss Licensed under CC BY 2.0

The funnyman started the show called The Price is Right in 2007 as a replacement for Bob Barker, who was retiring then.

Other than his success in television, he also made a huge success in his eponymous sitcom. But other than making people laugh in front of the camera, the comedian has much more to share with his fans.

Today, we will be telling you which religion does he follow. By reading below, you will get the answer to the question: Is Drew Carey religious? You might get motivated by the iconic actor so ensure to read until the end.

Which Religion Does Drew Carey Follow?

The notorious game show host follows Buddhism. He grew up in a family that follows Pentecostalism.

But as he ages, the star starts to branch out from their Pentecostal church and look for other religions. Eventually, he became a Buddhist. He settled with this religion.

Which Religion Does Drew Carey Follow? Is he                                                                                    religious?
Drew Carey By Greg Hernandez Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Is Drew Carey Religious?

As mentioned above, the host is practicing Buddhism. He has been following this religion for a couple of years already. The game show host is taking religion seriously.

He even has his own shrine inside his house. But despite that, the star publicly admitted that he does not embody the exact model Buddhist.

How did Buddhism Impacts His Life?

In one interview, his fellow host on CBS, Stephen Colbert, told him that it is quite funny for the star to be hosting a show revolving around material possessions.

This was his remark because Buddhists are not materialistic. They believe that the desire for any material object will lead to suffering.

How did Buddhism Impacts Drew Carey's Life? Is he follow Buddhism?
Drew Remains by Mercy For Animals MFA licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Price Is Right host admitted that it is weird to be the show host while practicing Buddhism. At times, he can still do something that he would regret later. Perhaps, he needs to use his shrine enough.

Recently, the funnyman faced one of the greatest tragedies when he discovered that the woman he desired to spend the rest of his life with was murdered. But with his faith, he could find the consolation he needed at that time.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Drew Carey religious? After reading about the actor and comedian, it can be said that he has been religious even during his Pentecostal days.

The entertainer even compared his show to a church gathering. He often shares his spiritual experiences with his fans.

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