Is Dua Lipa British? What's Dua Lipa's Ethnicity?

It can be hard to identify whether a celebrity is American or British. Some of them may even be both.

Perhaps, it is not evident in their music, so it cannot be easily distinguished where are they from. Plus, the fact that they have homes from anywhere in the world, you cannot tell their location.

Is Dua Lipa British? What's her nationality?
Dua Lipa by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Now that Dua Lipa has become more and more prominent in the entertainment industry, her fans are curious about her ethnicity? Many have been asking: is Dua Lipa British because she has been using the British accent in her interviews. 

Today, we will talk about Dua Lipa ethnicity. So keep reading and find out whether or not your favorite singer is British!

What Is Dua Lipa Ethnicity?

The international singing sensation is the eldest born of her Kosovo Albanian parents. She used to reside in London, England. Muslim is the heritage of her family. But her grandmother on her mother’s side is of Bosnian descent. 

Technically, the ethnicity of the famous pop and R&B star is Albanian because both her mother and father are from Kosovo. 

What Is Dua Lipa Ethnicity? Let's know about her family in detail.
Dua Lipa by Harald Krichel licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Is Dua Lipa British?

Many have thought that the famous recording artist is American. But she is British. Her parents, however, are not British. They are Albanian.

Based on a report, the songstress has a lot of connections in various countries. As mentioned earlier, she was born in London, England. But her parents came from Kosovo.

Although her parents are Albanian, the singer’s nationality is British since she was born in England. The music artist used to live in Kosovo with her Albanian parents, but she moved back to England when she was 15. 

Is Dua Lipa British? What's her nationality?
Dua Lipa by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Many fans are surprised when they find out that the renowned singer is not American because her British accent is not noticeable when you only listen to her hits. But if you listen to her interviews, she is obviously using the British accent.  

Is Dua Lipa Hispanic?

Others are also wondering if the popular pop star is Hispanic. You know by now that she is not. Her family’s heritage is Muslim, and she has Bosnian descent from her mother’s side.

It’s A Wrap!

Going back to the main question for this post: is Dua Lipa British? Yes, she certainly is. Although she has a lot of connections with various cities and countries, her nationality is British

because of the fact that she was born in England. But her race is Albanian since both of her parents are from Kosovo.

That’s pretty much it about Dua Lipa ethnicity. If you want to know more about the international music artist, ensure to keep in touch with us. Also, do not hesitate if there is anything that you want to know about your favorite stars. We will try to answer all your questions.

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