Is Ed Sheeran Gay? Did this Question Disappear After his Marriage?

Ed Sheeran stopped people thinking him gay by being a man of his woman. After having a secret yet open affair with Cherry Seaborn, Sheeran married her in 2019. Since then, the haters couldn’t find a way to speak negatively about his sexuality. 

Is Ed Sheeran Gay? What's his sexual orientation?
Ed Sheeran by Drew de F Fawkes licensed under CC BY 2.0

But he, unfortunately, made way for his haters to consider him gay once more by sharing a thought from his kidhood. So what did Ed Sheeran say about his gender orientation? Is Ed Sheeran gay? This article will provide you with all your answers.

Ed Sheeran Was Thought To Be Gay Before Getting Married To His Wife 

Before Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn got married, the singer was considered gay by a small group of people because he didn’t label his sexuality. 

Although he had both relationships and rumored relationships with several females yet, for not labeling his gender orientation, the singer was considered gay by some haters and a few of his fans. 

Besides, his feminine-looking face is another reason people mistook his sexual orientation. The gossip about him being gay swirled for a long online, but finally, he put an end to all confusion in 2019. How? Simply by marrying his lovely wife, Cherry Seaborn. 

Ed Sheeran Put a Full Stop After Marrying Cherry Seaborn

Cherry Seaborn and Ed Sheeran dated for 4 years before deciding to tie the knot. She is a high school lover. According to trustworthy sources, Cherry and Ed have been close since they were 11. 

What's Ed Sheeran sexuality? Is he Gay Or Straight?
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However, the pair disconnected in the middle of 2015 and reconnected again. Sheeran gave an interview with People magazine and said about his wife, “This has been the first time I’ve actually had the time to fall in love properly…

So the catalyst of taking a year off was also the fact that my partner quit her job in New York — which she’s now got back in London, which is really cool — but we were just basically like, let’s quit our jobs and have a year of forming a tight bond. So we went traveling and spent every day for a year together.”

The couple then got married in 2019, and he became the father of his first daughter Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, in August 2020. After two years, in May 2022, the duo again became parents of their second daughter Jupiter Seaborn Sheeran. 

Since the male singer married his female partner, everyone had to accept that Ed Sheeran is straight, especially when he became the biological father of his daughter Lyra in 2020. 

Homosexual Rumors About Ed Sheeran Began Again After He Admitted to Have A Huge Feminine Side 

The question “is Ed Sheeran gay?” may have never reappeared, but the singer said some unexpected things in an interview. In a podcast of Man, Man, Man, Ed Sheeran said, “I have a definite feminine side, to the point that, when I was a kid, I thought I was gay for a bit.” 

I definitely have a big feminine side – I love musical theater, I love pop music, I love Britney Spears.” He also tells the host that his masculine parts stop at watching football and drinking beer and that he isn’t a car person. However, what he said is entirely normal. 

Did Ed Sheeran Marriage Help People Forget This Rumor?
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Most straight men out there love pop music and going to musical theater. Female singers like Britney Spears have more male followers than females, and they love her. Many men like to ride a bike or other vehicles then a car. 

These preferences don’t make a person gay. He was confused about his sexuality when he was a kid, and it’s a natural thing. Sheeran’s present lifestyle doesn’t give gay vibes. Thinking of a gay man who has a wife and two children is a foolish thing to do. 

Final Words

Ed Sheeran was once much introverted. After becoming a musician, a lot changed about him. He can now speak with many people and share whatever thoughts he has. 

Once many of his supporters and haters thought he was gay for keeping many things secret in the past. But after marrying his high school love, all doubts were gone. Sadly the singer raised that question again by giving an odd interview. 

In that specific interview, he admitted to having thought himself gay when he was a little kid. He also mentioned having feminine characteristics, which he explained, saying he isn’t a car person and loves music and female musicians. 

But this can never make a man gay because many men prefer bikes over cars, pop music over rock music, and female singers over male singers. So, these attributes don’t make Sheeran gay.

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