Is Elizabeth Gillies a Lesbian? What’s Her Sexuality?

It is no denying that Elizabeth Gillies is one beautiful and talented lady. When we first saw her as young Jenny in The Black Donnellys, it was almost certain that she would go on to become successful.

And, she did, after landing a major role in the iconic Nickelodeon series Victorious as Jade West.

Is Elizabeth Gillies a Lesbian or straight? What's her sexual orientation?
Elizabeth Gillies by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Now that she’s older, people have started to meddle with her love life and preferences in a dating partner. Indeed, she’s not just a childhood crush any longer. She has bloomed into a stunning woman who is ready to take on more serious romantic relationships.

But many are wondering: What is Liz Gillies’ sexual orientation? Are girls out of the equation for Liz Gillies or is she open to dating anyone but straight guys? Let’s find out.

Elizabeth Gillies’ Dating History

To comprehensively discuss what Liz Gillies is looking for in a romantic partner, let us take a look at all the individuals she has dated and is dating. Here are all the names of Liz’s ex and current lovers:

  • Logan Miller (2011) – The two briefly dated for 6 months in 2011. Details about how they met and why they broke up were not disclosed to the public. 
  • Michael Corcoran (2016) – Michael,
    also known as Backhouse Mike, was the co-writer and producer of one of the songs that Liz sang in their TV series Victorious. Michael was 36 years old at that time while Liz was only 16, which means that there is a 21-years gap between the both of them. Still, that did not dissuade Liz from having a relationship with Mike. In fact, they two have tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony last 2020.

Aside from her official relationships, Liz has also been rumored to have hooked up with several other actors, such as:

  • Matt Bennett
  • Avan Jogia
  • James Maslow

As you can see, it seems that Liz isn’t too interested in dating girls – or so she would like us to think. Who knows? Maybe she had relationships that were not announced to the public.

Fans Think Liz Gillies is Bisexual

When rumors are hurled at a celebrity, they usually go silent and ignore it in hopes of not adding more fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, things backfired in Liz Gillies’ case.

Her silence amidst all the gay rumors being thrown at her direction hasn’t exactly helped her in any way. In fact, some fans have taken her silence as a ‘yes’. 

Some of them argued that it doesn’t sound right for people to assume heterosexuality as the ‘default’ among celebrities who have yet to confirm anything about their sexual orientation. So, until Liz explicitly confirms or denies that she’s straight, there’s a big chance that she’s a closeted bisexual.

Why Fans Think Liz Gillies is Bisexual. Let's know the details.
Elizabeth Gillies by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

In a poll conducted by a fan-made website, a whopping 79% of voters believe that Liz Gillies is bisexual. It is followed by 12% of people who think she’s gay, while only 9% of voters think that she is straight. 

Elizabeth Gillies is an Ally of the LGBTQ+ Community

Regardless of whether or not Liz Gillies is gay, she’s an advocate of gay rights and gender equality. She, along with other allies of the community, celebrated Gay Pride in 2015. It was held in New York City on a Sunday evening.

Liz came out to the event wearing a bright pink wig which, if we must say, is just right for the occasion. She also had a rainbow tattoo sitting just above her navel and rainbow colored bracelet to finish her dazzling look.

Now, we want to hear what you think about this topic! Do you think Elizabeth Gillies is gay or straight? Comment your thoughts below!

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