Is Ellie Goulding Related to William Golding??

The song Burn was adapted from Veronica Roth’s best-selling novel and was sung by the artist Ellie Goulding that come up with vocals from the dystopian film.

Some of the phrases in Ellie’s “Burn” song are partially similar to William Golding’s quotations, which implied that we should continue to rise and hold our heads up.

What's the relationship between Ellie Goulding and William? Are they related?
Ellie Goulding by Anna Hanks licensed under CC BY 2.0

They are both successful and are good for their careers for their works and talents are popular in the eyes and the ears of many. With that given their surname, many are asking: Is Ellie Goulding Related to William Golding?

You will find out about that later on. But first, let us first get to know the two. Let us briefly talk about their careers.

Who is Ellie Goulding? 

The artist is a songwriter and a great English singer. Ellie’s name is Elena Jane Goulding before she was named Ellie as her stage name. 

Her voice and talent were known when she met the two great producers namely Frankmusik and Starsmith which opens new doors and opportunities in her career life. She became the second artist at the BBC event and win the Critics’ Choice Award in that year 2010.

How Ellie Goulding is Related to William Golding?
Ellie Goulding by
Frank Schwichtenberg
licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Besides her talent in singing and songwriting, she became the new face and the most promising new music talent.

Her Burn song which was recorded on the year 2013 and was released on year July 2013, became very popular and blast to the viewers and listeners with an Official Video.

Who is William Golding? 

The other British persona that is popular when it comes to novels, playwrights, and poem were William Golding. He is a British novelist that is great when it comes to fiction. 

He was best known for his novel named Lord of the Flies and garnered awards under the Brooker Prize wherein his writings became a trilogy. 

Not only he is good in different kinds and genres of writing but his heart was near to life experiences and happenings. He was also included in the 50 greatest British writers since 1945 and contributed a lot of good quotes in his time. 

Who is William Golding? Let's know about the British novelist.
William Golding by Jeremy Keith licensed under CC BY 2.0

Despite having great talents and capacities in writing and being closely related and somehow identical in surname, the two great persons are not related. 

These two persons that have their own identities and talents are British but they are not related to each other. Ellie’s song Burn was somehow related to William Golding’s quotes that presented his perceptions on the line of the song.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Ellie Goulding Related to William Golding? They are not related to each other. Both have similarities with their capacities and are somehow identical in surname, but they are not connected. 

Each has different paths that lead them to success and that is the beauty and great about them. Their songs and writings are known in the world and for their readers and viewers that appreciate their talent and existence with the masterpieces they made.

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