Is Eminem Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

If Eminem ever comes out as gay, it would be something unbelievable. Because till now, the rapper didn’t show any vital signs that can help us consider him homosexual. 

A lot of things happened during his music career and are still happening. The curiosity of people regarding his sexual label doesn’t stop. Sometimes it’s Marshall Bruce who confuses his fans, and sometimes his supporters get confused on their own. 

What's Eminem's sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
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So today, we will briefly discuss Eminem’s sexuality, including how the gay rumors arose and what his actual sexuality is. So let’s jump right into the discussion. 

Eminem Hasn’t Label His Sexuality

Since Eminem is an emotion of millions of people worldwide, including gay people, he has no choice but to remain silent regarding his sexuality. The rapper had to go through controversies in the past just for using the word ‘fa*got” in his different songs. 

He was called a homophobic person. His gay fans began to take his lyrics in a negative way. Hence, he was always quiet about his gender orientation. So we need to be careful while trying to understand his sexual orientation because he has kept everyone in confusion. 

In one song, Eminem makes everyone feel that he is against homosexuality; in the next song, he seems to support it. Eminem neither called himself straight nor gay seriously in any interview.

If you’ve watched an interview with Eminem where he four times called himself homosexual, let us tell you that it was scripted and inaccurate. 

Eminem Came Out As Gay In an Interview Filmed By Sony, Which Was Made for Fun Purpose

‘The Interview’ by Eminem brought big shocks and surprises to all his followers of different sexuality. While some people were smart enough to understand it was scripted, others took the video seriously. 

Who refused Eminem’s Gay Identity?
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Gay people were thrilled, thinking the best rapper finally came out of the closet. There were numerous posts on social media sites regarding the matter. Later it was proven that it was a scripted film and a gift to Sony’s supporters for Christmas. 

Still, that video is available on YouTube with misleading titles like “Eminem is Gay?” and Eminem’s Song ‘What if I Was Gay?’ Also Intensified Gay Gossips About Him

Since the “Monster” singer never quite talks about his sexuality, whatever he says in his music is taken seriously. In his song “What if I was Gay?” He confused all his fans because, at first, his lyrics indicated him as a straight person, but at the end, he said, “What if I told you I’m gay too?” 

In the song, Eminem seems confused about his sexuality, along with his best friend, who already knew he was homosexual. The “The Real Slim Shady” singer even threatened his best friend about breaking his friendship with him for being gay. But the best rapper of all time didn’t admit himself as homosexual in actual interviews. 

Eminem Married The Same Woman Twice and Has Children, Which Clears Up Doubts

Singers are the voices of their supporters. For example, the king of pop Michael Jackson sang not only for black people but for the entire world and invited them towards peace. 

Through his songs, Eminem also talks about different people and various situations in society. 

Hence, we think he didn’t come out as gay; instead, he shared the story of those who are confused about their gender orientation. 

If Eminem had confusions about his sexual interests in real life, we would have seen him marrying or at least dating men. 

However, we’ve always seen him marrying and dating women and becoming a biological father. He was married in 1999 to his high school love, Kim Scott. The two were married for only two years and got divorced in 2001. 

Marshall Bruce Mathers, aka Eminem, became the biological father of Hailie Jade. Her mother is Eminem’s only ex-wife Kim Scott. 

He also adopted Kim Scott’s child Stevie Laine Mathers whose actual father is Eric Hartter. He also adopted Alaina Marie Mathers in 2000, the daughter of Kim Scott’s sister, Dawn Scott. 

We must mention that the ‘Lose Yourself’ singer married his ex-wife again in 2006 and then split again in the same year. If he is homosexual he, why would he marry the same woman twice? Here is the answer that discloses that Eminem is most probably not gay. 

Dating History of Eminem: Surprising. Did he date Kaya Jones?
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He had a long relationship with one woman, enough to make anyone understand that he was straight. Later his name was linked with other female stars like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Kaya Jones, Karrine Steffans Tara Read and more high-profile women. 

Final Words 

Eminem has become a brand in the world of music. His first song, “Just Don’t Give a F*ck”, was a super hit. Since then, he never had to look back. Whoever knows rap knows Eminem. 

With this massive amount of followers, Marshall Bruce Mathers, aka the singer of “Superman”, has become a matter of interest when it’s about sexuality. While he kept his fans confused about his gender orientation, we tried to reveal his actual sexual orientation. 

If Eminem were gay, we would know by his clothing, lyrics, lifestyle and marriage. But all these show us how straight he is. So there should be no more room for doubts about Eminem’s straightness after learning about his life.

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