Is Fergie Hispanic? What is Fergie's Ethnicity?

Everyone knows that Fergie is among the best singers in America. Her albums as a solo artist and as a vocalist of The Black Eyed Peas are considered super hits internationally.

At the start of her career, she was a voice actress. You might have heard of her in various cartoon movies. Now she is a very successful solo artist.

What is Fergie's Ethnicity? Is she Hispanic?
Fergie by Alexandre Cardoso licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But aside from her music career, the artist is also a television personality, actress, and fashion designer. Being in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, she has gained a huge fan base who support her in all of her endeavors.

One thing that people were curious about was her background. One question that we often get: Is Fergie Hispanic? If you are also interested in knowing what Fergie’s ethnicity is, you have come to the right place. Today, let us discuss the roots of the singer in more detail.

What Is Fergie’s Ethnicity?

The singer has mixed ethnicity. She has different roots, including Luxembourgish, Swedish, Northern Irish, Irish, English, Scottish, and German. But by nationality, the singer is American because she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Is Fergie Hispanic?

In 2008, the singer mentioned that her paternal grandmother was from Mexico.

She claimed that she was proud of her Mexican roots. The singer claimed to be among the increasing Hispanics living in the United States.

Is Fergie Hispanic? Let's know about her Ethnicity.
Fergie by DgoN RR licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

But it seems unlikely for the music artist to have this ancestry since both of her paternal grandmothers were from the US. The same goes for her great-grandmothers. There is only one who came from Sweden.

A Closer Look At Fergie Family Background

Her father has Swedish, German, Scottish, and English ancestry. Likewise, her mother is of English, Irish, and German ancestry. But other than that, she has Luxembourgish roots.

The paternal grandfather of the singer was Harold Ferguson, who was born in West Virginia. Both his grandparents and parents were also from the same state.

He has English, German, and Scottish ancestry. Much more, Patricia Sheppard, the paternal grandmother of the singer from Idaho.

Everything you need to know about Fergie Family Background.
Fergie by Craig ONeal licensed under CC BY 2.0

On her mother’s side, her grandfather was John Douglas Gore, who was born in California. His parents are from Ireland and Australia. Her maternal grandmother was Evelyn Mary Wagner. She was also born in California. Her parents are German, but they were born in Ohio.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Fergie Hispanic? Although the singer claims to have Mexican and European ancestry,

it seems like she is not Hispanic.

She is an American with Luxembourgish, Swedish, Northern Irish, Irish, English, Scottish, and German ancestry.

That is all for today’s content. Hopefully, you find this post informational and interesting!

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