Is Florence Pugh Gay? Everything About Her Sexuality

Florence Pugh became a successful actress for a reason. She unexpectedly performed outstandingly in her debut drama The Falling and film Black Widow. While being British by birth, she spoke in a Russian accent like a native Russian. 

What did Florence Pugh say about her sexuality? Is she gay?
Florence Pugh by Lyn Fairly Media licensed under CC BY 3.0

This triumphant actress’s fans already have much information about her except her sexuality. It’s a knotty question, “is Florence Pugh gay?” Well, no, Florence Pugh is not gay. She supports the gay community, but as per the speculations, she is straight.” 

So, how the gay rumors began to spread about her? Did she date men or women? Please keep reading to learn further. 

Florence Pugh Sexuality

Florence Pugh didn’t reveal her label of sexuality. But the star’s love life clarifies her as heterosexual. There is no interview or post, or story on her account where she spoke up about her gender orientation. But we believe Florence Pugh is straight analyzing her past relationships. 

The actress was involved with the actor Zach Braff. The duo dated from 2019 to 2022. Pugh is 21 years younger than Braff, which caused massive criticism. At one point, it was becoming hard for the two to continue their relationship, so they broke up in 2022. 

As both the actor and actress kept it private, there is no clue about which day the couple split. If she were not straight, she wouldn’t have s*x with Zach. In one interview, she clearly mentioned that she had s*x with Braff, and her age doesn’t tell her which person to pick to have physical intimacy with. 

What's Florence Pugh Sexuality? Let's see.
Florence Pugh by drlovell licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Besides, Pugh was angry at negative social comments because those comments were the reason why she had to give up on her only public relationship. If she weren’t straight, she wouldn’t date a straight guy for three long years and wouldn’t get upset after the breakup. 

Besides, her name also got involved with another straight British actor, Will Poulter. Although none of the celebrities responded to the rumors, we should keep things in our imaginary world until something really comes up. 

Why Do Some Think Florence Pugh is Gay? 

Florence Pugh didn’t mention herself as gay anywhere, yet why do some people confidently call her gay? There are reasons. Florence is an LGBTQ supporter. She openly supports gay love and speaks about gay rights. 

There is much internet footage where she kissed a woman and screamed “gay rights.” Also, in other videos, she only kissed women for a second and didn’t do other romantic stuff. Besides, she posted on Twitter about a lesbian scene. 

She said it was a shame to think that women kissing is a terrifying scene and that removing the lesbian kissing scene was unfair. She shared Olivia Wilde’s post and wrote, “Noooo. This is sad. 

Especially as that scene is one of the most beautiful, exciting and such a totally needed scene in this film. It’s a shame two women kissing is so terrifying. Onwards and Upwards, onwards and Upwards. 

Her enormous love and support for LGBTQ people made thousands believe she may also be gay, which is a piece of false news. 

Final Words 

Is Florence Pugh gay? Florence Pugh most probably is not gay. She seems straight. Although the actress kept quiet about her sexuality, her affair with Zach Braff and rumored relationships with Will Poulter clarify her sexual label as straight to us. 

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