Is Florence Pugh Russian? A Close Look At Her Ethnicity

Florence Pugh performed superbly in the movie Black Widow as Yelena Belova. Her character is Russian, and she was told to be and speak like a Russian. 

Her acting, along with the Russian accent, was so accurate that many people mistook her ethnicity as Russian. So what’s the truth? Is Florence Pugh Russian in real life? 

Is Florence Pugh Russian? What's her nationality?
Florence Pugh by wizardradiomedia licensed under CC BY 3.0

Florence Pugh was born in the United Kingdom; she is by birth British. But she spoke like a native Russian in the Black Widow movie because she was trained well by a couch. 

Would you like to know if Florence Pugh can speak Russian and then continue reading. 

Florence Pugh Ethnicity

Florence Pugh’s ethnicity is English. The star was born in Oxford, the United Kingdom, on 3rd January 1996. Her parents, Clinton Pugh and Deborah Mackin, welcomed her warmly to the family.

She was raised in the UK and finished her studies in her motherland. Some people mistook her for Russian, but she is English in real life. 

Can Florence Pugh Speak Russian? 

Florence Pugh can’t speak Russian because she doesn’t belong to Russia or didn’t learn the language. Hence she was never cast in a Russian movie. 

How Did Florence Pugh Speak in Russian Accent? 

Pugh was noticed in the Black Widow for speaking in a Russian accent beautifully while being English. She made many people believe she might be a Russian.

How Did Florence Pugh Speak in Russian Accent? Let's see.
Florence Pugh by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

So how did she manage to do it while being afraid of not delivering her dialogues properly like a Russian woman? 

The answer is that she worked hard to achieve the accent. She was trained well by her coach. In one interview, Florence Pugh’s Russian dialect coach explained how Pugh was trained and reminded to practice the accent of Russia. 

Final Words

Black Widow by Florence Pugh was a big hit. Thanks to her excellence in playing the role of Yelena and speaking with a Russian accent like natives. She is a British actress but had to learn the Russian accent for the movie.

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