Is Greg Gutfeld Gay or Bi? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Who doesn’t know the great news anchor Greg Gutfeld of Fox News? His way of explaining and pointing out things made him a complete celebrity.

After becoming a star, he has been praised and also criticized for some of his unacceptable suggestions and opinions. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Gay or Bisexual? Know more about his sexual orientation.
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While Gutfeld is famous, he makes sure no one knows much about his personal life. But the more a celebrity tries to hide his private data, the more people show interest in learning. 

If you’re here today to know whether Greg Gutfeld is gay, we must tell you that Greg Gutfeld is not gay but straight. He is married to a charming lady. However, they haven’t decided to have children. Here’s the answer to all your questions regarding his sexuality. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Gay?

Greg Gutfeld is a famous figure. Many want to know if he is gay. We’ll; Greg Gutfeld is not gay. Although he didn’t label his sexuality, no evidence mainly tells us about his gender orientation. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Bisexual?

While one group of people thought him a gay guy, another group considered him bisexual. But is Greg Gutfeld bisexual in real life? Of course not.

He doesn’t show interest in men in a sexual manner. Besides, he didn’t confirm himself as bisexual ever. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Straight? 

Greg Gutfeld is straight, according to most trustworthy media reports. Gutfeld himself hasn’t shared his sexual orientation. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Straight? Why do people have doubts about his sexuality?
Greg Gutfeld by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But after keeping an eye on his lifestyle and sexual preferences, we can say he is heterosexual. Like every other straight man, he married a woman in 2004. 

He was first in love with him, and they had a short-term affair and are having a long-term married life. 

Who is Greg Gutfeld’s Wife? 

Greg Gutfeld’s wife is the woman whom he dated before getting married. The couple dated for only five months. They met at the same company they used to work for.

It was Maxim UK. When Gutfeld went to his office for the first time in 2004, he saw Elena and quickly got a crush on her. 

He took every possible news about her from office people. The past editor-in-chief Greg one day asked her to go on a date with him.

According to his interview, her wife was pretty cold back then, and he had to put much effort into making her fall for him. They got married in New York City. 

Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa, was a photo editor for Maxim UK back then. Her primary occupation is as a Russian model. Elena is still interested in fashion design. 

Does Greg Gutfeld Have Children? 

Greg Gutfeld and his wife have been living for over 18 years! Hence, their fans are hoping to see their child. However, the couple doesn’t have children.

It’s unknown why they haven’t become parents yet. If we get an update, we will soon let you know. 

Final Words

Is Greg Gutfeld gay? This question is one of the questions asked by Gutfeld’s followers. You already know the answer that he is not.

If Greg Gutfeld were gay, he wouldn’t get married to a woman and stay loyal to her only. Since he is in complete love with his wife, we need to believe Greg Gutfeld is heterosexual.

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