Is Greg Gutfeld Jewish or Catholic? Which Religion Does He Follow?

If you know Greg Gutfeld pretty well, you also know his father and the religion he belonged to. His father was Alfred Gutfeld, and he was Jewish. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Jewish or Roman Catholic? let's see.
Greg Gutfeld by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But we also know that Alfred and Greg’s mother, Jackie Gutfeld, wanted to raise their son Greg as a Roman Catholic. So what is he? Is Greg Gutfeld Jewish or Roman Catholic? 

Greg Gutfeld is an agnostic atheist. He shared this fact by himself. In this article, we have explained his beliefs in detail. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Jewish?

Whoever knows about Greg Gutfeld’s father will eventually ask, “is Greg Gutfeld Jewish?” The answer may or may not disappoint you, but Greg Gutfeld is not Jewish.

His father was Jewish, but he shared the information that he is not a Jewish person on his verified Twitter account. 

The news anchor shared a post where someone with the account name ‘free to err’ posted something negative about Gutfeld and mentioned him as Jew. Greg captioned, “I’m not Jewish, but you’re a bigot.” He admitted that he was not Jewish. 

Is Greg Gutfeld Roman Catholic?

When Greg Gutfeld was a child, his family wanted him to grow up as a Roman Catholic. They raised him to be a Christian.

Is Greg Gutfeld Roman Catholic? what is his                                                                                    religious belief?
Greg Gutfeld by Loadmaster licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

But here’s the sad part, Gutfeld is not a Roman Catholic. He admitted himself as an agnostic atheist. 

Final Words

Greg Gutfeld is sometimes praised and sometimes criticized for his thoughts. One of the reasons for his being attacked is not having faith in any religion. 

While his father was Jewish and his family tried to teach him the Catholic Christian faith, Greg Gutfeld chose to become an agnostic atheist. 

He thinks there is no deity, so he has to face controversies. However, nothing seems to change his way of believing that no religious belief is true.

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