Is Gwen Stefani Italian? What's Her Ethnicity?

Gwen Stefani is the lead vocalist of the band, No Doubt. She is a renowned singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and fashion designer.

Since she has been in the industry for so long, there are too many speculations about her having plastic surgeries. 

Is Gwen Stefani Italian? What's her nationality?
Gwen Stefani By Lorie Shaull Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Perhaps, this is because her face looks too exotic. She is often referred to as the rock goddess. Plus, her incredible style matches her edgy sound. In other words, she is too pretty to be a woman of her age. 

With that being said, do you also wonder what’s her ethnicity? Is Gwen Stefani Italian? Maybe she looks the way she is because of her race. Find out the answers below!

Is Gwen Stefani Italian?

Although the father of the international music artist is Italian, she is not Italian by nationality. The music icon is born in Fullerton, California, US. This means that she is American and not Italian by nationality. 

Dennis Stefani, the father of the singer, is half American and half Italian. He used to be working as a marketing executive at Yamaha. On the other hand, her mother is half Irish and half American with mixed heritage. Before she became a housewife, she used to work as an accountant. 

Is Gwen Stefani Italian? a close look at her Ethnicity.
Gwen Stefani
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Both of her parents are inclined to folk music. She was exposed to various artists like Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan. But other than that, the family was not born into music royalty.

The influence of her parents on her career was only limited to the fact that she always listened to folk music. In other words, the American singer is born talented, and she works hard to create a name for herself.  

What Is Gwen Stefani Ethnicity?

We mentioned earlier that the father of the legendary singer is of Italian descent. The ancestry of her mother, on the other hand, includes French Huguenot, Welsh, German, Norwegian, English, Scottish, and Irish. 

The artist’s paternal grandfather was originally from Italy, while her paternal grandmother was from Michigan. Still, both of her parents are also Italian.

Consequently, the maternal grandfather of the singer was born in Texas. In contrast, her maternal grandmother was born in Wisconsin, her parents are both Norwegian. 

What Is Gwen Stefani’s Race?

What Is Gwen Stefani's Race? Is she Italian?
Gwen Stefani By compulsiveprep_8 Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

The international superstar is among the four kids of Dennis Stefani of Italian descent and Patti Flynn of Norwegian, German, Scottish, Irish, and English heritage. In other words, the music artist has a mixed European ethnicity.

Is Gwen Stefani Mexican?

Many of her fans are also wondering whether or not the music icon of the late 1990s and 2000s is Mexican. As mentioned earlier, the ethnicity of the legendary singer is mixed.

Her roots include Mexican heritage. This is why she loves Mexican cuisine so much. But she is even crazy about any Italian food.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Gwen Stefani Italian? Yes, she has Italian roots. Both her mother and father have Italian descent.

Other than that, Gwen Stefani ethnicity includes English, Irish, German, and Norwegian. But by nationality, she is American because she was born in the United States of America.

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