Is Gwen Stefani Related To Madonna And Lady Gaga?

Today, there is one thing about the singer that we would like to address in this post. I know many of you have been wondering: is Gwen Stefani related to Madonna and Lady Gaga. 

Since the time she has captured the limelight, a lot has been comparing her to the legend, Madonna. The same is valid with Lady Gaga.

Is Gwen Stefani Related To Madonna And Lady Gaga?
Gwen Stefani By Qu1m Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

The two of them are among the artists called copycats of the legendary singer. Nonetheless, all of them are one of a kind. 

But let us find out whether or not they are related. Does music run through their bloodline? Read below!

According to a source, the two legendary singers are distant cousins. The mother-in-law of the Just A Girl singer’s great aunt and Madonna has the same last name.

Aside from being fifth cousins, the two are also friends. The badass rock star has a song inspired by a song by Madonna entitled Crazy For You. That particular song entitled Cool is about the friendship of the superstar. 

Although they started as friends, Madonna called the singer a copycat when she began to become even more famous. According to the singer, her style and look are being copied by the former lead vocalist of No Doubt.

Is Gwen Stefani                                                                                    Related To Madonna? Are they related?
Madonna By David Shankbone  Licensed Under CC BY-SA 3.0

The singer would just ignore the when asked in interviews. Sometimes, she would just say that Madonna has influenced her music because she listened to her songs growing up. 

Both Lady Gaga and the No Doubt former vocalist are in some way related to Madonna. But when you ask whether or not Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga are related, the answer is no.

The two are not directly related. Or if they are, it is very distant. Nonetheless, both of them have Italian heritage. After all, most Americans claim to have Italian ancestry. 

As mentioned earlier, both legendary singers of today are in some way related to Madonna. Although their relationship is already distant, the celebrity genealogist claims that the two are cousins.

Is Madonna Related To Lady Gaga? How they related?
Lady Gaga By SMP Entertainment  Licensed Under CC BY 3.0

The two are said to be ninth cousins. Both of them share ancestors from France who moved to Canada.

But despite having mutual ancestors, the two notorious singers are having a feud. In some way, they dislike each other. It may be due to jealousy when one becomes more famous than the other.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Gwen Stefani related to Madonna and Lady Gaga? The three legendary music icons are said to be connected, but the relationship is too distant. One thing we are sure of is that they are all talented, which is why their names are on top of the music industry.

They are all fantastic in their own ways. But feuding is inevitable due to comparisons and the desire to become more famous than the other.

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