Is Halsey Black? What’s Halsey’s Ethnicity?

An electro-pop singer Halsey’s new song Playboy cover that not much created sufficiently surprise for her fans; but the criticism on her ethnic identity and history spun out to be another jaw-dropper.

Among the celebrity, Halsey is a public figure who is dissatisfied with the attraction of many. It raised the question of is Halsey black, Halsey’s ethnicity after Halsey’s shampoo thrashing, which sparked controversy on how challenging it is for Black people to employ hotel shampoo.

What’s Halsey’s Ethnicity? Is she black or white?
Halsey by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

For this reason, many people questioned: is Halsey black, Halsey’s ethnicity makeup. Hence, we will provide you with a complete background, answer the question, and arrange the race whispers to bed.

Halsey Parents Ethnicity

Halsey is recognized as Black among the many stars celebrities but holds a white-passing license and, more than likely, a police officer controlled for no reason. Naturally, ethnicity is connected to external appearance, identifying how to feast in society.

Full Name: Ashley Nicolette Frangipane

Date of Birth: September 29, 1994

Birth Place: Edison, New Jersey, U.S.


*Father–African-American, a small amount of Irish

*Mother–Italian, Hungary.

An American singer Halsey is a songwriter, and fighter, even though the pop star is also familiar with her birth name Ashley Frangipane.

Halsey’s parents are Nicole and Chris Frangipane. However, She becomes a mother with her boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin.

In addition, Halsey stated she is biracial. The artist opens out about his ethnicity and says that her father is black and slightly Irish, and her mother is Italian and Hungary.

Even she has stated that a DNA test revealed her genetic parentage to comprise “Italian, Senegalese, Nigerian, Turkish, and British and bunches of great jaw-droppers there.” In mother side

What's Halsey Parents Ethnicity? Are they black or white?
Halsey by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Halsey’s grandfather is Richard Jacobs, and he is the son of Steve Jacobs and Lorraine Alice Christof. Steve’s parents, Frank Joseph was from Gersekarát, and Maria Takacs, from Olaszfalu.

On the other hand, from her mother’s side, Halsey’s grandmother is Annette Canace, and he was the daughter of Vito Canace and Josephine Fortunata. Annette is from Italy, with origins in Calabria and Campania. 

But Vito was born in New Jersey, and he is the son of Dominick and born in Avellino, Campania, and Maria Canace. Josephine and her parents were from Charles Minervino and Antoinette Barras.

Is Halsey Black?

 In a recent interview with Blavity, An American artist Halsey pinpoints as a black woman, but visibly, she is white. According to her mother’s ancestry, The singer was born white, and her father’s ancestry is black.

According to Halsey IMDB, She mainly belongs to Italian, Hungarian, and Irish come down on her mother’s family. On her father’s side, she is African-American with a minor Irish bloodline.

So, It’s as easy as that. Halsey is half black, taking place, but yet senses likewise a black woman experiencing over hotel shampoo.

What’s Halsey’s Ethnicity?

Most people probably mixed up the between ethnicity and Nationality, but these two differ from each other. People’s ethnicity depends on cultural aspects of their own identity; it means language and tradition. 

Is Halsey black or white? What’s Halsey’s Ethnicity?
Halsey by Justin Higuchi licensed under CC BY 2.0

According to Halsey’s family background culture, she is of mixed ethnicity. Alongside her mother’s family, she is Hungarian and Italian. So as per Halsey’s mother’s side, she aspects some Italian and Hungarian culture.

And from her father’s background, Halsey’s belong to African Americans and Irish. So, she got characteristics of this ethnicity handed on her.

Hence, Halsey is Biracial, which means she belongs to mixed ethnicity African-American, Irish, Italian, and Hungarian.


In decline, it can state that the pop star Halsey’s ethnicity is mixed, and it is called Biracial. Thus she is half Balck from her father’s side. Further, with new updates, we will reach out soon.

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