Is Hilary Duff Gay Or Bisexual? What's Her Sexuality?

The acting career of Hillary Duff started at a young age. Other than being an actress, she is also a producer, songwriter, and singer.

She also ventured into the fashion industry, wherein she was able to make her own brand. Until now, she is still relevant in the entertainment industry. In fact, she is acting in films. 

what's Hilary Duff's sexual orientation? Is she gay or bi?
Hilary Duff by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Recently, she starred in the revival of a Disney series which will be showing soon. This is the same movie in which she starred before, but she will be her character’s adult version right now.

Throughout her career, the actress has had impressive achievements. But she also faces some controversies. 

One thing that is being questioned about her sexuality. Perhaps, you are also curious: Is Hillary Duff gay or bisexual? Let us find out what’s her sexuality below. Keep reading!

Is Hillary Duff Gay Or Bisexual?

The admiration of the fans towards the singer grows even bigger when she candidly opens up about her relationship and sexuality. Many were amazed at how open the actress was. The things she had said were raw and honest. Many people can relate to it. 

Hilary Duff sexuality explain. What's her sexuality?
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In the interview that we are pertaining to, the actress cleared it for everyone who has been questioning her sexuality that she is not gay. She is straight, and she does not come out as a bisexual.

But then again, she has no issues with gays and bisexuals. In fact, she has gay friends, and a large portion of her fan base is from the LGBTQ community, making her one of the queer icons. 

What Is Hillary Duff’s Sexuality?

The How I Met Your Father star has been open about her sexuality. You may have heard before that she admitted to being sexually fluid. She does not judge a person by sexuality.

The actress loves it that the world has become more and more open about this thing. Those fighting to be accepted or just heard were slowly getting a place. 

Although she admitted to being a straight woman, she realized that her feelings may vary. It depends on the person she is talking to and the way they have made her feel. Perhaps, this has been the cause of confusion as to why he has been wronged as gay or bisexual. 

Here is everything you need to know about Hilary Duff sexuality in detail.
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But she is straight.

Her relationships had always made it to the headlines in the past, and if you are aware of them, you know that she had only dated men. Right now, she is in a relationship with Jason Marsh. 

Hillary Duff And Her Gay Fans

The actress has been very thankful for her gay fans. According to her, it was them who first paid serious attention to her career. The gay community has been her biggest push to release her music, and even until now, they are still blasting her songs. 

Her music has been impactful to people who are trying to learn more about themselves. That is why the gay men related to it and supported her throughout.

The singer acknowledges the fact that without their support, she won’t be where she is right now, so she is grateful for them.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Hilary Duff gay or bisexual? We have told you above that the actress is neither gay nor bisexual. She is straight, but people from the LGBT community, especially gays, love her so much.

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