Is Hozier Gay? What is Hozier’s Sexual Orientation?

The bluesy Irish singer-songwriter Hozier is an Irish platinum album-selling singer and songwriter. He has been found with a swirl of belief surrounding his sexuality after releasing his tremendously popular song “Take Me to Church” and the following music video.

Is Hozier Gay? Did he come out as gay?
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However, most of the songs had religious and bookish themes. The Irish star Hozier has knocked out at The Pope’s current statements about gay rights, blaming the leader of the Catholic Church for paying “lip service” to the reason. The activity surrounding him, people assumed that Is Hozier Gay.

Is Hozier Gay?

No, Hozier ?? not gay. According to a source, Hozier is dating Golden Globe award-winning actress Saoirse Ronan who is familiar with seeming in movies.

While working on the video to the song Cherry Wine, the couple becomes close. However, they’re also rumored for being relationship and dating Taylor Swift.

The eye blusher Irish singer always tried to keep his personal life away from the media news. For this reason, the fans of his get a space to make his sexuality questionable and possibly call him gay.  

According to the Irish Mirror report, several months later, however, the couple has been shown out and about on an occasional date, showing the hopes to Irish people of owning theirs as a celebrity couple.

After acknowledging his love life, the suppose of being gay is not the true fact.

Why Did The Rumor Arise About Hozier’s Sexual Orientation? 

He is a straight guy. It was the rumor that arose about his sexual orientation. The rumors have probably occurred a while after realizing the song Take Me to Church. 

Further, by this song, he raises the voice to bring awareness to the issues of the gay people who blunder with their sexuality and the importance to the whole LGBTQ community. 

He stated that everyone should be human and loving despite their sexual preferences. Although the song video extended more eyebrows, it portrayed the violence and organized aggression accepted by gay people without law prosecution.

In addition, the video of the last sequence shows two men kissing together at the end. Following the video’s release, rumors stirred Hozier that he used it to signal that he was revealing out as gay the world he disproved.

The Irish singer revealed that his break-up motivated his ex-girlfriend and passion for Nina Simone.

The Irish Singer Declared He Doesn’t Mind People Suspecting Gay.

The song of the Irish singer and songwriter Take me to Church grew into an international sensation because of its expressive hex of the Catholic Church’s homophobic viewpoint.

While in the video displayed two men kissing before encountering brutal retribution by masked avengers. The song’s message was as clear as daytime, despite fans still misconstrued it.

Hozier frequently clarified that the song blasted homophobia in all its states, but the singer’s fans couldn’t stop suspecting it with his sexuality. 

Yet, Hozier received lovers guessing about his gay, but he referred people not to lose their belief in the song’s message. The artist stated that don’t assume of his sexuality that he was gay; please do attention to the song’s message. 

It doesn’t appear into it what his sexual orientation is. Nonetheless, of the sexual orientation to a connection, it is always a relationship and loves. So his fans are free of any speculation they want; it’s splendid.

Wrap Up

Therefore, after the above information, it can state possibly the assumption of the people is not the actual truth of the artist Hozier; he is not gay, and his sexual orientation is straight.

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