Is Idina Menzel Related to Lea Michele? Are They Siblings?

The song Let It Go from the Disney film Frozen was featured in the first episode of Glee Season Six. The character of Lea Michele performed the song.

But the fantasy film, Let It Go was performed by Idina Menzel, a veteran of Broadway productions. She was also featured in the show as the mother of Rachel Berry, the role portrayed by Lea. 

How Idina Menzel Related to Lea Michele? Lt's know the fact.
Indina Menzel by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Both women started their successful careers on Broadway. They are equally good singers and actresses. Both talented sopranos were from New York.

With that, many people are asking: Is Idina Menzel related to Lea Michelle? With their 15 years of gap, some even asked: are they, siblings?

You will find out about that later on. But before we confirm whether or not they are related, let us first get to know the two. Let us briefly walk over their careers. 

Who Is Idina Menzel?

The artist started as a stage actress. But she rose to prominence with her professional theater jobs. Her debut project was with Broadway productions of Rent.

The world recognized her bright soprano voice due to her song Let It Go, which has earned her an Oscar Award. She is also a recipient of the Tony Award for her roles in Rent and Wicked. 

Who is Lea Michele?

The other soprano voice that we are talking about today started acting like a child. She is featured in Les Misérables, Ragtime, Spring Awakening, and Fiddler on the Roof. She is among the most influential women in show business. 

Who is Lea Michele? Let's know about her.
Lea Michele by Keith McDuffee licensed under CC BY 2.0

Besides her successful acting and singing career, she has also written and published a book entitled Brunette Ambition. This book is among the bestselling books in New York Times. She has also written a journal of her personal journey and called it You First. 

The Broadway star is the mother of the Glee star in the show. But in real life, the two are not related. Lea’s mother is half American and half Italian.

She has ancestors from Naples and Rome. Her father, on the other hand, has ancestors from Greece. Conversely, Indiana was from a Jewish family. Her grandparents are emigrants from Ukraine and Poland. 

Are They Siblings?

Despite having similarities in their physical features and having equally powerful voices, the two women are not siblings. But in the film, they are mother and child.

They even performed a duet of the song Somewhere. It is aired on the second episode of Glee’s third season.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Idina Menzel related to Lea Michelle? They are not related in real life. Many think that they are siblings, but they are not. They are only co-stars in the television series Glee, where Idina performed the role of Lea’s mother. 

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