Is Ishowspeed A Father? A Close Look At His Daughter

Do you know Ishowspeed? He is a streamer and gamer from the United States of America. People appreciate the ability of the artist to interact with his viewers on his Livestream.

He has a unique way of entertaining them. The streamer is sharing gaming content actively on Twitch and YouTube. This includes games like Luch Lady, Resident Evil, and Roblox. 

Does Ishowspeed have a daughter? Let's see the details.
IShowSpeed by IShowSpeed licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Currently, his channel on YouTube has about 11.4 million subscribers. He is also popular on Instagram, with 4.5 million followers. He also has to face controversies and queries about his personal life with his fame. One of the most intriguing questions he asked: Is Ishowspeed a father?

Today, our content will be all about that. This post will take a close look at his daughter. So without further ado, let us get into it. 

Who Is Ishowspeed?

He is an American streamer and YouTuber from Ohio. He started streaming when he was only 16. Currently, he is 19 after he celebrated his birthday last January 21. Speed is famous for his entertainment and gaming live streams.

He gained more than a million subscribers only after a few days, sometime in 2021. The vlogger became even famous after his fans published memes about the streamer on TikTok. 

Is Ishowspeed A Father?

Ever since the streamer has been enjoying his fame, his fans have been excited to find out whether or not he has a child. Previously, the popular YouTuber faced rumors about him being gay. However, he denied these claims by revealing to the public that he has a daughter. 

The vlogger is a father to a beautiful girl, based on the reports. Ishowspeed kid was kept in mystery. Even her name was not identified. Even today, there is no single picture of his baby girl ever featured on any of his social media accounts. 

Who Is The Mother Of Ishowspeed Kid?

A source claimed that he had a child when he was only 16. His partner’s identity was also not disclosed – not even her age was identified. But there have been two dating rumors that we have heard so far. Other than them, we have no idea who else had the vlogger dated before. 

Although it is not confirmed, his fans know that he used to date Harmony Renee, commonly known as Dream. They are both YouTubers, so there is quite a rivalry between them.

Nobody knows whether or not the two are still dating. There is also a possibility that he had been in a relationship with Ava Barbie. She is a transwoman who is popular on TikTok. Ava is also a singer. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is Ishowspeed a father? This question remained unclear as no source could point out the validity. Although he is the one who revealed it in public, people cannot eliminate the possibility that he

only said it to get rid of the rumors about him being gay.

This might be a strategy to hush the issue. But maybe it is true, and he is only keeping his daughter away from the spotlight. 

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