Is J Balvin Gay? What’s J Balvin’s Sexuality?

When accepting the Artist of the Year award at Premios Los Nuestro last week, Balvin remarked, “I want everyone to get out of the box, be yourself.” If you have blue, pink, or yellow hair, a broken tooth, or other sexual preferences… “Be yourself, and constantly battle for your happiness.”

His comments drew a lot of attention, and many fans wondered if Balvin was considering coming out of the closet.

What’s J Balvin’s Sexual orientation? Is she gay or straight?
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If I were gay, I would have already shown you my partner, giving him tiny kisses, but I love ladies – and a lot!” Balvin stated in the description of his video clip. “What I stated [during the award show] was that people should do what makes them happy.”

About Balvin’s Career

It’s fantastic to be José lvaro Osorio Balvin, even when you’re covered in poop. Despite the fact that a tortoise urinated all over his Versace silk sleeper suit, the South American celebrity singer remained calm.

Perhaps Balvin is thinking about how wealthy he is as he gazes at the Anish Kapoor sculpture. 

The musician owns a number of properties throughout the world and has so many expensive watches that a YouTube video has been created to rate his collection out of ten (he scored a 7.5).

J Balvin, 34, may not be a household name in the United Kingdom

, but he is undoubtedly – statistically – one of the most successful singers in the world right now.

Did you know about j Balvin's Career? let's know about it.
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The Colombian is credited with reviving reggaeton, with monthly streaming figures that now outnumber Drake, Justin Bieber, and Cardi B. He is just second to the indomitable Ed Sheeran. 

What was his reaction after fans called him Gay?

If all of Balvin’s riches, record-breaking, and spot-oneness sound too wonderful to be true, they are. He went through “an extremely stressful phase in life, everything was going wild for me” a few years ago, when his career was climbing. In too many ways, I was lost.” 

His finances, he claims, were a shambles, and he “let individuals do what they pleased.” He started to feel anxious.

Reportedly, it was due to the rumor of his being gay. “The worst thing is the heart, the feeling that you’re out of your body, the feeling that you’re not cognizant of your breath.” “And, of course, this emptiness here,” he thumps his chest. “I’ve been there, and it’s horrible, and it’s extremely hard.”

He fell into a deep depression. “It was the worst time of my life,” he simply states. “There is a scarcity of information on depression.”

Balvin’s Reaction to LGBT Fans

Balvin, too, makes use of his position to propagate his moral code. He is an open supporter of his LGBT audience, saying,

“It’s all about love.” “A lot of my closest friends are gay,” he says, adding that he colored his hair rainbow colors for this year’s Pride. 

What was J Balvin's Reaction to LGBT Fans?
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He also backed out of a Miss USA performance in 2015 after learning that Donald Trump owned a stake in the pageant.

It was supposed to be his debut US television appearance, but Balvin was horrified when the then-presidential candidate referred to illegal Mexican immigrants as rapists, thieves, and narcos. 

“You can’t buy ethics, and ethics aren’t negotiable,” he says emphatically. “I used to labor illegally in the United States while searching for my goal.” I used to paint houses, walk dogs, and do roofs. So when [Trump] stated this, I thought to myself, ‘He’s insane!’”


It’s never easy for anyone to accept one’s gender bias or sensuality. In regards to Balvin, it is true too! We have gathered all the relevant information about your queries; now it’s your turn to question!

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