Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? What is his Sexual Orientation?

When answering Q&A, Jackson Mahomes seems to care less and give straightforward answers. For a pretty long time, he was called gay on different platforms, including TikTok and YouTube. 

Jackson Mahomes haters didn’t stop calling him ‘gay’ in comments even after he mentioned himself as straight once before. So, he thought about addressing it again. In this article, we will look at what Jackson Mahomes said regarding his sexuality and if he is actually straight. 

Also, we will explain why he was bullied on social media several times as gay. Here are all the facts you should know. 

Jackson Mahomes Knows He Sounds Like a Gay, and So He Said He Hates It

Ever wonder how awkward it feels when your voice is not manly enough? People are always there to judge and can even fix a person’s sexuality on their own, depending on how a person sounds. The same thing happened with the TikTok star Jackson Mahomes. 

He sounds like a homosexual and seems to talk the way a gay dude does. So people who watch his video already consider him to be gay. He often gets comments about his sexuality, and his haters seem to love to comment negatively on his TikTok. 

When things got out of control, and he felt terrible to keep hearing people calling him gay, the celebrity answered the desired question.

Yes, Jackson Mahomes is straight, and he doesn’t act to be heterosexual. In his YouTube video titled ‘Reacting To HATE Comments From TikTok, ‘ Mahomes mentioned himself as straight. 

Jackson Mahomes first read a rude comment out loud and then responded. He said, “ht.xb commented ‘CEO of acting straight, so his brother still loves him; I wanna start off by saying that’s just really rude, and if you haven’t already, go watch my last YouTube video ‘cause I actually addressed this question. I am straight. I don’t have to act straight, and my brother does love me.” 

When Jackson Mahomes mentioned himself as straight, we shouldn’t trust others who are trying to ruin his prestige by promoting him as homosexual. Unfortunately, the famous dancer of TikTok also started to hate his voice for not sounding straight. 

Jackson Mahomes Kissed Dayna Marie, and Fans Think The Two Might Be Dating

Jackson Mahomes seems to try his best to get himself away from hating gay comments. He is now becoming comfortable in sharing his sexual interests with the public.

On the 16th of March 2022, fans saw Jackson Mahomes posting a story of kissing a girl his fans couldn’t clearly see. 

However, it soon revealed that he kissed an Instagram model named Dayna Marie. After visiting her stories, it was clear that she met Mahomes on the same day, and the outfits were entirely similar.

Since then, Mahomes fans have thought he is having an affair. However, the TikTok celebrity hasn’t opened up about being a couple. 

But his kissing a woman hints to everyone that he is interested in women, not men. That story of kissing Marie helped many of his fans finally understand that it’s only his voice that makes him seem gay. In reality, Jackson Mahomes loves ladies only. 

Final Words

Jackson Mahomes is not only known for being a TikTok star but also for being the brother of prominent football quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

While there is less discussion on Patrick’s sexuality, there are intense talks on Jackson’s gender orientation. 

It’s because Jackson Mahomes sounds less manly and hasn’t introduced a female as his girlfriend. Fortunately, the famous TikTok dancer has addressed the questions and clarified that he is straight. 

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