Is James Charles Gay? Who’s James Charles’ Dating Partner?

Signifying a ‘man in makeup’ is one of the most prominent upcoming trends beyond social media platforms. Nowadays, it is noticed that many male beauty gurus are experiencing their artistic skills on social media, smashing fashions that makeup and fashion are girly things.

One of them, identified for presenting the Beauty guru gender concept, James Charles was born on 23 May 1999 in Albany County, New York State, USA.

When did James Charles' come out? Let's know about his sexuality in detail.
James Charles by Lone Fox licensed under CC BY 3.0

However, he is noted to be one of the most significant, flourishing makeup artists and beauty vloggers. After becoming famous, it has involved some activities of makeup men in controversy.

It arises about his sexuality and relationship: James Charles gay and his dating life. It probably conveyed social media into a passion after he exposed the latest pictures in which he performed utterly bald.

Is James Charles Gay?

A beauty guru James Charles since his childhood lived as a gay. At 12, a man of makeup recognized his sexuality. 

Though at first, he came out as gay in front of his parents, and they admitted the fact. However, how it is addressed is not revealed, yet he persists quietly.

It’s also stated that he had entertained the TikTok version of the reality television program, The Bachelor, to find out a boyfriend.

“Not Full Gay” Arise Controversy

James issued the video entitled “THE TRUTH… My Crush Does My Makeup” in 2019 beside his boyfriend, Jeff Wittek. He spoke out about his sexuality in this video and stated a transphobic comment considering it.

He described to Jeff the Kinsey scale, also identified as the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale. In contrast, Jeff talks about the range of James and asks him then, you are not full gay.

At the same time, James explained and said about the trans through his comments.

And these comments led to massive controversy. Since multiple claimed remarks were transphobic and didn’t recognize transgender men as actual men, he promptly apologized publicly through a statement via Twitter, writing to define the highly complex approach of sexuality and mine in my video today.

James Charles Boyfriend Rumors  

In the meantime, James Charles admitted about his intimate life; Though he spoke out about his boyfriend during the interview in the Entertainment Tonight magazine that James needed a boyfriend in his life.

Furthermore, he doesn’t have too much time to make a relationship and needs a boyfriend immediately. According to several sources, it suggests that James Charles had a crush on singer Shawn Mendes.

Though Charles was rumored to be dating Youtuber Grayson Dolan, the couple went viral on social media after posting a kissing picture of them.

Indeed, Dolan rejected dating rumors; Charles, in tweeter he wrote that he just robbed a kiss; what are you progressing to do about it? 

In the previous year, Charles’ love life was again controversial news while the rumors of him dating gay singer Lil Nas X started their approach to social media.

After uploading the latest collaboration video with Charles and the ‘Old Town Road’ singer, the stories began.

They made the video with much enthusiasm from fans of both James’ and Lil Nas, and it’s already tormented up to roughly 4 million views, but they had to face some adverse feedback online.

Later on, Lil Nas politely hinted at Twitter users; The two gay men allowed to do things mutually outwardly, all of you sexualizing it.

Who’s James Charles Dating?

James and Larray are posted a TikTok mutually and hinted that they were dating each other.

On Larray’s TikTok account, they posted that the couple they’ve been seeing together for a relatively fascinating time now is in a cute “couples only” confront.

In Larray’s TikTok account, the couple indicated that they’ve been seeing each other for a relatively fascinating time and now they are in a cute “couples only” challenge.

Throughout the TikTok video, the couple answer questions on their relationship, signifying that Larray showed interest in James; first, they said “I love you” simultaneously and were more romantic.

The video has speedily accumulated millions of views, currently almost two million likes, and over 40,000 comments.

Though Larray has not publicly confirmed whether she and Brady separated from each other and regarding the TikTok video, they seemed so happy in the social media posting.

Possibly the two were misleading to date, for the challenge isn’t indeed together because James did not place a related video on their relationship. So it makes sure that he is still single with no one 

James Charles Dating.

Final Thought

So, it was all about Is James Charles Gay and James Charles Dating. We hope you enjoyed knowing the details of James Charles’s personal life though we enjoyed writing it. Notwithstanding, if we get any new information about him, further will update.

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