Is Janet Jackson Related To Michael Jackson?

Do you wonder: is Janet Jackson related to Michael Jackson? We know that both of them are icons in the music industry.

She is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress who is renowned for her sexually provocative, socially conscious, and innovative records. 

Is Janet Jackson Related To Michael Jackson? are they siblings?
Janet Jackson by MTV UK licensed under CC BY 3.0

Michael Jackson is the same. He can sing, dance, and write songs. He is the most famous entertainer in the world.

Now, are they related? If yes, how has their relationship has been through the years? Keep reading to find out!

Yes, they are indeed related. They are, in fact, siblings. In many interviews, the music artist has said that she looks up to Michael.

Unfortunately, things have not been good between them. Michael has become a star, but her sister has been his greatest competition. The talent has indeed run on their blood.

How Was The Relationship Between Janet and Michael Jackson As Siblings?

Rivalry among siblings is common among families. But can you imagine a rivalry between siblings who belong to the biggest icons in the music industry? Everyone knows that they share a complicated relationship. Through the years, there has been plenty of drama.

How Was The Relationship Between Janet and Michael Jackson As Siblings?
Michael Jackson by Alan Light licensed under CC BY 2.0

The superstar has always remained silent when asked about Michael. Still, she shared some insights about their bond as siblings in a documentary.

At first, they were very close. Although they are all ten siblings, the award-winning artist has always been close with Michael, and they were inseparable as children.

But Michael has bullied her for fun. It started from nicknames until it became hurtful. He is cruel and would body shame his sister when they were kids. The singer would just laugh with his tease, but internally all the words have dawned on her, and it has affected her so much growing up.

What Has Been The Turning Point Of The Relationship?

Although they were close during childhood, a division was built between them when the solo career of Michael exploded in 1982 after the release of his album entitled Thriller. In the documentary, the superstar revealed this herself.

She loved the album, but it was the very first time that there was a shift in their relationship. From then on, the two have separate ways. Her brother is not as fun anymore, according to the legendary artist.

What Has Been The Turning Point Of The Relationship of Michael and Janet Jackson?
Janet Jackson by Andy L licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

They were able to mend the relationship again in 1995 when they teamed up to fight against the allegations directed to the hit of Michael Jackson entitled Scream. But later, things become frosty again. Since then, all else has been drama. They have even put up a front about their unification.

Now that her brother is dead, the remarkable celebrity has felt the loss. She honors her brother by singing his songs on her tours and remaking some of his hit singles. The entertainer would also post a photo of her brother on her Instagram, telling the world how she missed him.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Janet Jackson related to Michael Jackson? Now you know that the answer is yes. They are siblings who share equally great talent. But it is said that their relationship has not been good.

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