Is Jared Sandler Related to Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler has been a big name since he began his journey on TV through SNL. The comedian later joined the film sector and became one of the legendary actors.

He was wise enough to use the opportunity and bring his family members into the entertainment industry. 

Is Jared Sandler Related to Adam Sandler? Are they know each other?
Adam Sandler by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He added his wife Jackie Sandler, his kids Sunny and Sadie, and also his beloved nephew Jared. So, which of Adam’s siblings is Jared Sandler’s parent? We will find out in this article and see how good the relationship between the two excellent actors is. 

Jared Sandler is Adam Sandler’s Nephew

Jared Sandler and Adam Sandler are related. Adam is Jared’s Nephew. He did several movies with his uncle Adam Sandler including The Benchwarmers, Blended The Cobbler, and Grown Ups 2. His father, Scott Sandler, is Adam Sandler’s brother. 

Jared became his uncle’s favorite, so he made him appear in many of his films. The actor Jared is also trying to follow in Adam’s footsteps. He was taken to the film industry for acting when he was only a six-year-old kid by his celebrity uncle. 

If you have seen the ‘Big Daddy’

movie, then try to remember that small kid with blue eyes. You guessed it right, that’s Jared Sandler, and it was his first movie. Just like Adam’s children and wife, he added his lovely little nephew in his super-hit pictures. 

Jared Sandler Is Also A Standup Comedian Like His Uncle Adam Sandler

Before entering the movie world, Adam Sandler was a stand-up comedian. He worked at the Saturday Night Live show for five years, from 1990 to 1995. As Jared likes to be like his uncle, he also picked comedy as his career. 

The handsome actor went on different comedy shows where he not only hosted but also performed. He already made a great fan base and is now getting himself known by more people for his work. If he keeps working hard like this, he can soon catch up to Adam Sandler. 

Final Words

Adam Sandler’s supporters, who have known him for an extended period, know he likes to add his family members to his films. His wife and kids were also cast with him in various films. 

Jackie Sandler played roles with her husband Adam in Big Daddy, Just Go With It, Grown Ups 2, etc. 

This made many people think that Jared Sandler could also be someone near and dear to Adam Sandler since he often played different characters with him and shared the same surname. The guessing was correct. 

Adam Sandler and Jared Sandler are related, and Jared is Adam’s nephew and the son of Scott Sandler, Adam’s brother.

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